Meditation Cushions






Meanwhile, the many positive effects of meditation have been well researched and known. Inner contemplation can help with stress, depression and even pain. Against this background it is easy to understand why meditation is popular with many people and is part of everyday life. For meditation you stay in one position for a longer period of time. For this to be practicable in the long term, this position should be perceived as pleasant.




The perfect meditation cushion

In meditation practice, meditation cushions (yoga cushions) have proven their worth. They are one of the most important aids in yoga and meditation and ensure an optimal flow of energy and deep, calming abdominal breathing through an upright sitting posture. These cushions are available in different seat heights, colours, patterns and shapes. We fill them with natural buckwheat shells that adapt perfectly to the shape of the body and ensure a comfortable fit. The cover and inlet have an integrated zipper that allows the seat height to be adjusted by removing the contents. The perfect meditation cushion has the individually comfortable seat height, the desired colour, has lateral carrying loops and is within the planned price range.

How high a meditation cushion should be

The seat height of the cushion depends on the body height or leg length. The larger or longer, the higher the seat should be. Our offered meditation cushions lie between 14 cm (meditation cushion BASIC) and 21 cm (meditation cushion CLASSIC Oval). If you are not sure of the right height, it is advisable to use the higher version. The seat height can still be compensated by removing the filling.

Color or chakra selection

The meditation cushions are offered in different solid colours or in the colours of the 7 chakras. The selection can be made according to the favourite colour, matching the furnishings or taking into account the respective colour effect. Red, for example, has an activating effect, while blue has a cool and balancing effect. A meditation cushion with a chakra motif can support the respective chakra. The cushion with the heart (anahata), for example, can support the heart opening.

How much a meditation cushion costs

The price framework for the cushions offered is not very high due to the use of inexpensive, natural materials such as cotton and buckwheat husks. Partially handicapped-accessible or affordable production in Asia plays its part in this. A meditation cushion BASIC 14 cm high is currently available for less than 30 EUR.

Which cushions are offered

The following categories can be found in the assortment:

  • BASIC & CLASSIC: round meditation cushions BASIC in heights 14 and 19 cm and the cushion CLASSIC-Oval in 21 cm height
  • Cushion with motive: 7 chakra motives in the respective chakra colours