Practical Meditation Timers

These meditation timers shine with their functionality and handy size, which makes them fit in any bag and are ideal to take with you to yoga classes or when travelling.

Whether the professional Enso Pearl with up to 50 programming sequences, the Meditation Timer DUO flashing and sound signal or the Meditation Timer MEMO with only one beep: there should be something for everyone!

The ideal travel timer

Those who travel usually do not want to miss out on their yoga exercises or meditation. Meditation timers suitable for travel are characterized by a handy size and robust compactness. They must not take up too much space in the luggage and must not be able to resent shocks during transport. All small timers in the Meditation Timer category meet these requirements. The Enso Pearl even comes with a small bag.

Especially quiet meditation timer

In meditation, one turns one's gaze inwards and goes into silence. In this contemplative atmosphere, every noise is particularly loud and disturbing. The timer used should therefore only emit a very discreet, barely perceptible signal. Since everyone feels this differently, the volume should be adjustable. The Silent timer is a particularly quiet meditation time/>

When the timer with flashing signal fits

For all those who are particularly sensitive to noise or meditate in a group, there is the Meditation Timer with flashing signal. This gives its signal silently and only visually. Nobody in the surroundings is disturbed. The only condition: the eyes must be open to see the signal. The Meditation Timer DUO has a blinking signal in addition to the sound.

Beautiful sounds for yoga and meditation

Neither beeps nor rattles are the sounds with which one voluntarily wants to surround oneself. It is different with the gong Tibetan singing bowls or the soft tones of cymbals and bells. These are generally perceived as very pleasant. In addition to the pyramid timers, the popular Enso Pearl as a meditation clock offers this variety of sounds.

Waking up with the gong of a singing bow

Once you've experienced it, you don't want to miss it anymore: Waking up to the gong of a singing bowl. The Enso Pearl as a versatile meditation timer offers this sound to wake up. It has the handy size of an alarm clock, a modern look and can be placed next to the bed with a folding foot. Besides the Enso Pearl, the Gong Clock and the Singing Bowl Clock by Dayasa offer this function - the latter even with a real singing bowl!

Special Yoga Timers

Breathing plays an important role in yoga. The breathing exercises are called pranayama. A part of it is the alternating breathing, also called Anuloma Viloma. This is also the name of the yoga timer, which was developed especially for the correct alternating breathing. The timer signals the right time for the change of the nostril in order to achieve the optimal effect of the breathing exercises.

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