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Equipment for Yoga & Meditation

Why meditate?

This question is easy to answer: Because meditation has a very positive effect on us. It has now been proven that regular meditation not only calms the mind, but also strengthens the immune system and can heal the body or alleviate symptoms. Especially when dealing with pain, stress and illness this method is incredibly helpful. By concentrating on the 'here and now' the soul can finally come to rest. The pioneer in this field is the US doctor Jon Kabat-Zinn, who already in the 70s researched the effects of meditation. At that time it was still controversial, but today the inner contemplation and practice of mindfulness is part of the medical standard.

Get healthy through meditation 

Meditation is not only about spiritual enlightenment, but often a very concrete technique that makes life and everyday life easier. It has been proven that meditation has a very positive effect on health, because body and mind are closely connected. For example, studies have shown that the level of stress hormones in the blood drops and with it blood pressure. Meditation has also proven to be effective against stress, depression, anxiety disorders and pain. The relaxing effect of this method has no side effects, costs nothing and can be part of a modern stress management besides exercise and healthy nutrition.

Which meditation accessories do I need?

Basically you need nothing more for meditation than yourself. You just sit down and start to immerse yourself. However, this is not always comfortable, so accessories such as a meditation cushion or a meditation bench can improve the sitting position. They are available in different heights and designs, so that even physical limitations such as back problems or height are no obstacle. Other useful meditation accessories are yoga mats for the lying position and extra large blankets that keep you warm. Not to forget: malas. These prayer chains are ideal for reciting mantras. They are made of gemstones, wood or plant seeds and look very beautiful at the same time.

Meditation for beginners

Everyone can learn to meditate. To start the meditation practice, you first have to decide: walking meditation, sitting or lying meditation, yoga, qigong, tai chi or the dynamic meditation according to Osho. There are now countless good books on this subject, e.g. "Healthy through Meditation" by Jon Kabat-Zinn. In the beginning, a few minutes a day are enough to go to a quiet place, close your eyes and pay attention only to your breathing. Focusing on inhalation and exhalation leads to relaxation and, with time, more and more quickly to a deep calm. What is important is the regularity, not the duration. With continued experience you can extend the meditation.

Set up a meditation place

It has proved to be a good idea for the meditation practice to have a fixed place for it. This meditation place does not need much space, an armchair in a corner is sufficient. The suitable ambience can be created by beautiful statues of Buddha, Ganesha, Jesus or Mary Magdalene. A corner for meditation has the advantage that with time you can connect peace and inner reflection with the place and come to rest faster than in changing places. If you want to use the positive effects of singing bowls, you can place a decorative GongTimer or a singing bowl clock there and end your meditation with the gentle gong of a singing bowl. Please also read our blog post.

The successful yoga practice

Yoga is healthy and, like meditation, needs regularity for success, regardless of whether it is Hatha, Kundalini, Kriya or Ashtanga Yoga. There are exercises for many health complaints, such as in hormonyoga for women with menopausal complaints. Pregnant women can experience relief in pregnancy and birth through yoga. Yoga can be practiced at home alone without problems. Ideally, beginners should attend a course beforehand to learn the asanas. Yoga DVDs or YouTube videos are also a practical help for the yoga practice.

Yoga: What else do I need besides a yoga mat?

A yoga mat is indispensable for the yoga practice. For the asanas an easy-care mat made of wipeable material is practical, such as the Ökotex mat. A wool mat is recommended for the relaxation phase at the end of the yoga class, as it keeps you warm from underneath when lying down. A large blanket is also a good choice for the final meditation. Because if you are cold, you cannot relax. Yoga belts and yoga blocks are inexpensive and practical aids when mobility during the asanas needs some support. Of course, comfortable clothing is important, such as the unisex wellness pants from The Spirit of Om. The yoga outfit is rounded off with beautiful yoga music

Meditation or Yoga with children

Yoga and meditation is also something for children. There are many books that contain special exercises for the little ones and emphasize the playful character. Meditation works best in the form of pictorial relaxation stories. But sitting meditations are also accepted. In yoga, children love the many animal asanas, which can also be easily incorporated into stories. Children are still so mobile that they can usually meditate in lotus position without any problems and do not need cushions. It is certain that children benefit greatly from these exercises. They become calmer, more peaceful, more mobile and can concentrate better.

Tips around meditation

  1. If the neighbours or the street in front of the house are too loud, headphones can be a good solution. Either in the noise-suppressing version or with trance-enhancing meditation music.
  2. Candles and the scent of incense have proven to be a good atmospheric meditation accessory. Both spread an incomparable magic and a pleasant meditative atmosphere.
  3. A meditation corner can also be set up in the garden. Ideal for this are all weatherproof statues made of synthetic resin, such as these Buddha figures. More about this topic in our blog post "Buddha in the garden".

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