Meditation music helps to turn the gaze inward

When we meditate, we are completely with ourselves. Mantra chants, relaxing sounds or even meditative rhythms - music helps us to turn our gaze inward! One distinguishes within the meditation music different directions. The best known is probably mantra music, which is especially widespread in the practice of yoga. A mantra is a sacred word or phrase that unfolds its effect through frequent repetition. In meditation music, Sanskrit mantras are often sung - a well-known interpreter of these mantras is, for example, the singer Deva Premal.

Chakra meditationen music is specially composed for cleansing and balancing the chakras. This meditation music activates and harmonizes the energy potential of the chakras and helps to release blockages. Unique are the meditation techniques of Osho, which combine Eastern wisdom with insights of modern psychology. They form their own category in meditation music - of Osho's 10 meditations set to music, the "Kundalini Meditation" is the most popular and best known. The meditations were musically realized by the master of meditation music Georg Deuter, among others.

Shamanic Journeys are an ancient tradition that lets you discover inner worlds. Here, a trance-inducing meditation music is used to accompany the shamanic journey. It is usually relatively monotonous drum rhythms that vary in tempo. For guided meditations, on the other hand, gentle and relaxation-promoting meditation music is used as background music.