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The 5th genaration of the MotivAider has come! Also ideal as a meditation timer with a gentle vibration signal

This little device has it all, because it can help you to change your life! Learn with the MotivAider to set new goals and to pursue them consistently. The MotivAider will remind you of this with an unobtrusive vibration signal.

The MotivAider was developed in the 80s by a clinical psychologist in the USA and has been continuously developed ever since.

The application possibilities of the MotivAider are versatile:

How the MotivAider helps you
You want to change your behaviour, e.g. follow a diet, or get out of habit, e.g.: smoke or nibble on your fingernails With every vibration the MotivAider brings the reasons and goals into your consciousness again and again.
You want to change ingrained patterns of thought and behaviour Connect the vibration signal with positive affirmations. This allows you to reprogram and develop your full potential.
You want to achieve your personal or professional goals and intentions MotivAider ensures that your goals get the attention they need.
You want to reduce stress and improve your health and fitness The MotivAider reminds you to consciously take a few deep breaths and/or relax your shoulders and neck.
You want to be signalled the end of a meditation without annoying beeps The gentle vibration of the MotivAider is a great alternative to the usual acoustic signals of timers. Also ideal for unobtrusive signalling during office meetings.

This is how it works

Suppose you want to change your posture. Their message is: "Get up!". You now connect this message with the vibration signal of the MotivAider. Whenever you feel the vibration, you automatically think, "Get up!". All you have to do is set the MotivAider to how often you want to be reminded of your message: From once every few seconds to once a day. With each vibration signal your goal, your personal message is lifted into your consciousness and gets the necessary attention. In this way you will never forget to straighten up your posture.

How to use the MotivAider

The MotivAider is small, handy, robust and fits in every trouser pocket. With the metal clip it can also be attached to the outside of the belt.
Operation is quick and easy. You set the device to a certain time interval between one second and 24 hours. After this time the MotivAider vibrates almost silently. The strength and duration of the vibration signal can be adjusted according to the application and individual needs.

The MotivAider can also be used as a countdown timer e.g. to indicate the end of a mediation session.

Functions & Facts

gruenes-haekchen.jpg Countdown-Timer

Vibration intervals adjustable to the second up to 24 h


Vibration interval selectable between fixed, average or purely random interval length


Vibration duration adjustable from 1to 5 seconds

gruenes-haekchen.jpg Vibration type adjustable as pulsating or permanently

Vibration intensity adjustable in 5 steps


Material: robust plastic housing


Removable metal belt clip

gruenes-haekchen.jpg Maße: 6,5 x 6,5 x 1,8 cm  (width x height x depth with clip)

Weight: 84 g (with battery)


Delivery includes one AA battery (note on disposal of used batteries)
For international shipping: Due to dangerous goods regulations, the batteries are not supplied.

gruenes-haekchen.jpg Detailed English original instructions are included. For download click on the "Instructions" tab above.


User Guide Motivaider 5 th Generation (German)

User Guide Motivaider 5 th Generation (english)


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