Guided meditations and fantasy journeys

Guided meditations and fantasy journeys are a great way to get closer to yourself and get answers to questions. In addition, they help to look at situations from a different perspective and to come to rest. You can do a guided meditation by CD or book from our online store. Here you have a wide choice between different titles that bring you closer to the guided meditation.

As an example, we would like to introduce you to the CD "7 Morning Meditations" by Rüdiger Dahlke. With the guided meditations for each day of the week, good success, serenity and harmony is promoted on each day of the week. The 7 meditations on the CD contain the corresponding archetypal images for each day of the week and have already been successfully used by numerous participants in Dr. Ruediger Dahlke's seminars.

Known and popular are the breathing meditations of Jeru Kabbal: Quantum Light Breath, called QLB for short. The Quantum Light Breath® is a one-hour, effective breathing meditation that powerfully leads to the purification and clearing of body, mind and spirit. The breathing process is performed while seated and accompanied by music. Developed by mystic Jeru Kabbal, Quantum Light Breath is based on Vipassana, a meditation over 2500 years old that is enhanced by rhythmic breathing and music. There are 3 guided CDs for this: QLB 1, QLB 2 and QLB 3, which differ in tempo and theme.

Use also the guided meditation to switch off from everyday life and learn on the fantasy journeys to gather new strength for everyday life.

In addition to the topic "guided meditation" you will of course also find books, CDs and DVDs on many other topics, such as Reiki, in our extensive store. In addition, we also carry meditation accessories such as singing bowls, candles, malas or yoga stools in our store.

We wish you already the best relaxation!