Reiki music to harmonize the flow of energy

Reiki is energy transmission through the laying on of hands. The position of the laid on hands is changed in certain time intervals, so that in the course of the Reiki treatment the energy reaches all desired places of the body.

The harmonizing effect of Reiki is enhanced by relaxation. There is special Reiki music, which on the one hand is very relaxing and promotes the transfer of energy. On the other hand, at certain intervals - usually every 3 or 5 minutes - a subtle signal can be heard in the Reiki music, which reminds the change of position of the hands. This signal allows the Reiki giver to focus entirely on the energy transfer and let go of any thought of time.

There is a wide range of Reiki music, which is usually instrumental and very gentle. Very popular for Reiki treatment is the combination of ambient music with sounds from nature, such as the singing of dolphins, whales or birds, or the babbling of a stream or spring. One of the most famous representatives of this category of music is the group Merlin's Magic, which has released a large number of music CDs. But also Aeoliah, who is a Reiki Master himself and knows the requirements for music from his own experience, has released several albums of special Reiki music.

In principle, this harmonizing music is suitable for all treatments in which relaxation plays a role, e.g. massages, wellness treatments, Ayurveda, etc. But of course Reiki music can also be enjoyed without Reiki!