Relaxation Music - find your inner Peace

Relaxation music is a benefit for body and soul. This music usually has a calm tempo with a resting rhythm of about 60 beats per minute and has a stress-reducing effect just by listening to it. Relaxation music creates a pleasant and calm atmosphere and promotes regeneration and performance - therefore it is also recommended as background music at work.

Relaxation music is an ideal accompaniment for guided fantasy journeys and classic relaxation methods such as autogenic training. But also for massages or other therapeutic treatments, relaxation music is an important component, as it supports the effect of the treatment and contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. Even when driving or in the waiting room at the doctor's office, music can have a relaxing effect and promote serenity.

Very popular is relaxation music with nature sounds. Whether water splashing, birdsong or whale song - the music with sounds from nature spreads harmony and well-being! So if you are stressed and long for relaxing sounds, or if you want to calm your patients in the practice with reiki music, then you should take a look at our large selection of relaxation music. You will find any direction here: starting with guided relaxation with music, chill-out music, music with nature sounds to wellness and spa music. Of course, there are free audio samples for each CD with relaxation music.