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For the stomach and upper abdomen area

The solar plexus bowl is often used in singing bowl therapy for the treatment of the stomach and upper abdominal area. It is gently placed on the abdomen or held near the abdomen (aura) and struck. It is smaller than the small pelvic bowl, but larger than the universal bowl and thus recommended if the pelvic bowl is felt to be too heavy at the beginning of the treatment.

As a therapy sound bowl, its vibration and sound properties are tuned to the frequency spectrum of the upper abdominal area. Its sounds have a relaxing effect and are transmitted to the body, where the vibrations have a harmonizing effect and can release blockages.

Advantages of the bolo singing bowl

This Bolo singing bowl is a special version of the Peter Hess therapy singing bowls and is characterised by a more intensive vibration behaviour than the conventional therapy bowl. The reason for this is the hole cut-out in the base, which extends to the lower beginning of the singing bowl wall. This means that the bowl only rests on the edge of the bowl wall instead of the entire base as is usually the case. The sound of the bowl spreads not only concentrically through the body as usual, but also into the radius of the ring. The vibration is thus more intense and has more of an inward effect than a conventional singing bowl.

Another advantage of the Bolo Bowl: Through the hole in the bottom, it can be applied to selectively difficult areas of the body, e.g. heel, shoulder, knee joint, etc.

The sound quality of the bowl remains completely guaranteed despite the hole cut-out, because it is not the bottom of a singing bowl that is relevant for the sound, but the wall. This remains completely intact. Bolo singing bowls are a valuable addition to the well-known Peter Hess therapy singing bowls.

This is what distinguishes the solar plexus bowl:

  • Therapy singing bowl from Peter Hess.
  • Specially developed for sound work.
  • The hole cutout in the center of the bowl allows optimal placement on the body.
  • Vibrations act more intensively than conventional therapy singing bowls and strongly inwards
  • Harmonic sound without frequency jumps and unpleasant side tones
  • Overtone-rich frequency spectrum and particularly clear harmonic tone formation
  • Flexible response of the sound spectrum during the sound massage
  • Ideal for the treatment of the upper abdominal area
  • Recommended for those who find the pelvic shell too heavy at the beginning of treatment

Sound sample

The sound of a singing bowl depends on many factors such as metal composition, wall thickness, temperature, clapper used, etc. No singing bowl sounds exactly like another. A deviation in the sound of the singing bowl sent from the sound samples heard here is therefore not a defect.

Recommended mallets

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Weight: approx. 1200 - 1300 g
Height: approx. 9.5 cm
Diameter: approx. 23.5 cm
Hole diameter: approx. 8.5 cm

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Shipping weight: 1,43 Kg
Durchmesser: 23,5 cm
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