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For professional work with sound, for example for meditations, concerts or fantasy journeys. Weight approx 2500g, diameter approx 29 cm

The Sangha Meditation Singing Bowls were created by Peter Hess especially for the needs of meditation and fantasy journeys. Their sound is exceptionally beautiful and carrying. They also sound very beautiful in a set and can be ideally combined with the Peter Hess therapy singing bowls.

This is why Sangha meditation singing bowls are special

  • Exceptionally high sound quality
  • 5 different sizes (700g - 2.5 kg)
  • Tested Peter Hess quality
  • Sounds very good even in the set and with therapy singing bowls
  • Ideal for meditation and sound journeys

Highlight of the Sangha singing bowls

Exceptionally good sound quality, which can also still be ideally combined with therapy singing bowls for professional sound massage.


Sangha singing bowls are outstanding by their exceptionally clear, long-lasting and carrying sound with very fine vibration. Peter Hess has long experimented and researched for this sound result. The goal was to create a singing bowl specifically for the needs of meditation and fantasy journeys.
The Sangha bowls also sound very nice in the set and are an ideal complement to the therapy singing bowls of Peter Hess.

700 g
1.000 g
1.500 g
2.000 g
2.500 g

Well-known Peter Hess quality

After production, all Sangha singing bowls from Peter Hess go through elaborate quality controls. Here, the impact behavior and the sound is tested. For the high-quality sound, all Sangha bowls receive an additional forging process, which represents about 4 hours of additional effort per kilogram of weight. Finally;end the singing bowl is lovingly polished by hand.

The offer ranges from small bowls with only 700 g to bowls weighing 2.5 kg.

Applications of the Sangha singing bowls

  • Introduction or ending of meditations
  • Accompaniment of fantasy journeys
  • Room cleaning by sound in Feng Shui
  • Authentic, beautiful decorative object


The Sanghs singing bowls are made of the 7 planetary metals. Main components are

  • copper -Venus
  • tin - Jupiter

Additionally, in quantities less than 0.05%:

  • gold - Sun
  • silver - Moon
  • iron - Mars
  • lead- Saturn
  • mercury - Mercury


For the perfect stroke and sound the choice of clapper is crucial. You can find our clapper selection here.

A large, soft felt mallet produces deeper tones than a small, hard felt mallet, which produces higher tones.

Our mallet reommendation dependent on the size of the bowl: Felt mallet hard, small or Felt mallet hard, medium or Felt mallet hard, large.

Cushion for Sangha Singing Bowls

A base grants the free spread of sound and vibration. The whole range of decorative Singing Bowl Cushions, for example, with chakra motifs or Buddhist lucky symbols, you can find here.
On a hard base, the singing bowl would develop side noise. A too soft base, on the other hand, would let the bowl sink in and "swallow" the sound.


Weight: ca. 2500 g

Diameter: ca. 29 cm

 The Sangha meditation singing bowls may have larger weight tolerances..



Shipping weight: 2,75 kg
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