Peter Hess singing bowls: Bengali singing bowl 150 (approx. 1.500 g)

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For Initiating and Fading Meditations, for Cleaning Rooms or as a Chime

These beautiful singing bowls come from India, from the region of Bengal. They get their typical appearance with the black underside and the gold rim with groove by a simple and reduced surface treatment. This makes them relatively inexpensive, but also robust. At the same time, they sound very beautiful.

This combination predestines them for playful use, for example, with children, but also for meditation, fantasy journeys, room cleaning with sound or as a decorative object.

This is what distinguishes the Bengali Singing Bowls:

  • Robust and insensitive
  • Good sound
  • Favourably priced
  • 6 different sizes (200g - 1.5 kg).
  • Tested Peter Hess quality with gold seal
  • Ideal for playful sound experiences

Typical for Bengali Singing Bowls:

Very good price-performance ratio: good sound combined with robustness and many uses.

Sound of Bengali Bowls


Bengali bowls sound qualitatively very good, although they do not match the quality of Therapy Singing Bowls from Peter Hess. They don't have to, because they are not intended for sound work. Their beautiful sound lies between singing bowl and gong.

Sound Sample1) with Premium Felt Mallet hard, large:

1) Sound samples can only convey the sound image of the singing bowls. The sound of a singing bowl depends on many factors such as metal composition, wall thickness, temperature, clapper used, etc. No singing bowl sounds exactly like another. A deviation in the sound of the singing bowl sent from the sound samples heard here is therefore not a defect.

Gold Seal Quality

All Bengali singing bowls from Peter Hess go through elaborate quality controls after manufacture. Here, the impact behavior and the sound is tested. Depending on the vibration behavior, the bowls are classified in gold or silver quality and provided with a seal. You will receive the higher quality gold Seal Bowls. The offer ranges from small bowls with only 200 g to bowls with 1.5 kg weight.


Because of their robustness with good sound at the same time, the bowls are very well suited for playful sound experiences with children. For example, striking Bengali singing bowls filled with water to experience small water fountains is popular. Many ideas for playful use of singing bowls are offered in the book by Peter Hess Singing Bowls - My Practical Companion.

Other possible uses:

  • Introduction or ending of meditations.
  • Accompaniment of fantasy journeys.
  • Room cleaning through sound in Feng Shui
  • Authentic, beautiful decorative object



The Bengali Singing Bowls are made of the 7 planetary metals. Main components are

  • Copper - Venus
  • Tin - Jupiter

In addition, in quantities less than 0.05%:

  • Gold - Sun
  • Silver - Moon
  • Iron - Mars
  • Lead - Saturn
  • Mercury - Mercury



To this Bowl we Recommend as Additional Accessories


  • Rubber Ring GR100 to fix the singing bowl.
  • Beater: For the perfect touch, the choice of beater is crucial. A large, soft felt mallet will produce lower notes than a small, hard felt mallet that produces higher notes. With a little practice, you can also make the Bengali singing bowl "sing" by rubbing the rim with a mallet. We recommend a leather-covered mallet. They produce a more beautiful sound compared to pure wooden mallets.
  • Singing Bowl Cushion: A base ensures the free spread of the sound and vibrations. On a hard pad, the singing bowl would develop ambient noise. A base that is too soft, on the other hand, would cause the bowl to sink in and "Swallow" the sound. Choose from large, small, thick and flat cushions.



Weight: about 1,500 g
Height: approx. 10 cm
Diameter:approx. 25.5 cm




Shipping weight: 1,80 kg
Note on Delivery: * Applies to deliveries to Germany. For delivery times for other countries and information on calculating the delivery date, see here.

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