Joint or universal bowl with handle | Peter Hess therapy singing bowl

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The Bestseller Singing Bowl in Special Version incl. Handle and Eyelet

This is what distinguishes the joint and universal bowl:

  • Therapy singing bowl by Peter Hess
  • Designed for sound massage according to Peter Hess
  • Harmonic sound without frequency jumps and unpleasant side tones
  • Frequency spectrum rich in overtones and particularly clear harmonic tone formation
  • Flexible response of the sound spectrum during sound massage
  • Ideal for the treatment of the whole body and for beginners in sound massage

The singing bowl has a special hole for the inclusion of a handle or eyelet for an extended range of applications, for example, in the work with people who have physical limitations. The handle and eyelet can be attached to the outside and inside respectively, allowing safe vertical use or even hanging of the singing bowl. The singing bowl comes with a handle and an eyelet.

Recommended mallets and sound samples1)

1) The sound of a singing bowl depends on many factors, such as metal composition, wall thickness, temperature, clapper used, etc. No singing bowl sounds exactly like another. A deviation of the sound of the sent singing bowl from the sound samples audible here is therefore not a defect.

The joint or universal bowl has a wide sound spectrum and can thus serve the whole body with sounds - hence "universal" bowl. It has an intense vibration behavior, which predestines it for use on the joints (hence "joint" bowl). In sound massage, it can be used to loosen strong blockages or tensions.

Because they can be used on the whole body, these bowls are ideal for all beginners in sound massage or sound bowl therapy. Further bowls for special areas of the body such as heart, head or pelvis can be added later without further ado. Foot and hand reflex zones can also be treated very well with it.

The character of the sound can be influenced by the choice of mallet: Small, hard mallets bring out the bright tones, while thick, soft mallets make the bowl sound much deeper.

The Peter Hess therapy singing bowls are among our best sellers!


  • Weight: approx. 1,2 kg
  • Height: approx. 8 cm
  • Diameter: approx. 21 - 22 cm


Shipping weight: 1,40 kg
Durchmesser: 21 cm
Weight: 1200 g
Material: Bronze
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