Planetary Singing Bowls

Planetary Singing Bowls

These singing bowls are characterized by the fact that the tones (frequencies) and effects are known through previous measurement. Thus, they can be used specifically and effectively, for example, in therapy.

Singing bowls and planetary tones

Each individual singing bowl is measured and the Hertz frequency or tone is determined. Since each planet vibrates at a specific frequency, the bowls can be easily assigned to the appropriate planet via the tone. Planetary singing bowls thus have the same frequency as the respective celestial body.

It is known that planetary tones always have the same effect on people. Examples: A Mars singing bowl always has the frequency 144.72 Hz and always has a vitalizing effect. The tone of the Neptune singing bowl promotes intuition and inspiration, while the Sun bowl strengthens self-confidence and gives life energy.

Cosmic Octave

The discoverer of planetary tones is the Swiss mathematician Cousto. He developed in the 70s a method by which the respective tones of the planets can be calculated. Basis for it is the conversion of the orbits of the planets in seconds. From this one forms the reciprocal value and octaves this, until it is audible for humans - and already one has the planet tone. One calls this also "cosmic octave". It is interesting that these tones have a deep effect on humans and represent a primal contact with creation.

Which planetary singing bowl suits me?

To find the right singing bowl, there are several options. For example, you can choose the bowl that corresponds to your zodiac sign. For the zodiac sign Cancer this is the moon singing bowl or for the Gemini the Mercury planetary singing bowl.

Or you check which area of life you want to strengthen right now. If one feels e.g. weak and listless, the Mars singing bowl can work energy-promoting. Who would like to separate more, can find the Saturn planetary singing bowl useful.

In the table you will find an overview of the measured planetary singing bowls with their respective effects.

Planet Frequency (Hz) Effect
Sun 126.22 Life energy and power
Mercury 141.27 Communication
Venus 221.23 Harmony and love energy
Mars 144.72 Vitality and driving force
Jupiter 183.58 Growth and creativity
Saturn 147.85 Perception, structuring, delineation
Uranus 207.36  Independence and new ideas
Neptune 211.44  Intuition, vision, inspiration
Moon 210.42 Empathy and contact with the unconscious
Earth - Platonic Year 172.06 Clarity, serenity, spirituality
Earth - Day Tone 194.18 Grounding, strengthening and activating
Earth - Year Tone OM 136.10 Calming and relaxing