Planetary Tone Chimes

Planetary Tone Chimes

Chimes enchant with their wonderful melodies. A light breeze is enough to make them sound - or a light tap. The magic of the sound is combined with the energy of the planet in the planetary chimes. A wonderful combination that makes everything possible! You want more grounding and stability? Then get the Planetary Tone chime with the planetary tone of the earth. For more harmony in your relationship, the Venus chime is just right for you. And the planetary tone of the sun has an activating effect on all life themes.

How does it work?

The movement cycles of all planets form basic oscillations. These planetary tones can be reduced to an audible frequency and form the sound spectrum of the tuned overtone chimes. Planetary tone chimes therefore have the same frequency as the respective celestial body. These frequencies or tones have a deep effect on human beings and represent a primal contact with creation. The planet sun, for example, has the octave tone C sharp and always has an activating effect. The planet tone of Venus, on the other hand, always has a harmonising effect.

The respective planetary tone sound plays have an effect on these life themes:

  • Sun: life energy and power
  • Mercury: Mind and communication
  • Venus: harmony, love, travel, beauty
  • Earth: grounding, down-to-earth, pragmatism
  • Moon: empathy and contact with the unconscious
  • Mars: Assertion, energy, vitality, driving force
  • Jupiter: happiness, finance, growth, creativity
  • Saturn: perception, structuring, demarcation

Where can the planet chimes be hung?

Chimes live from movement. In order to bring out their sound, they should be exposed to a light breeze. The easiest way to achieve this is to position them in a protected outdoor area. A roofed terrace or balcony are ideal, for example. Alternatively, a passageway area could be considered, where the chimes are set in motion simply by passing by. In order to benefit from the energy of the planetary tones, the sound effects should ideally be placed in an area where people spend a lot of time.

High quality for indoor and outdoor use

The Planetenton chimes are characterised by their high quality workmanship: Every single sound tube is tuned and the wooden parts are made of solid native hardwood. The resistant surface treatment allows the use even in protected outdoor areas. Their sound is very rich in overtones and therefore always has a relaxing effect.