Premium Bronze Water Spring Bowl / Water Singing Bowl

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Experience sound and vibration with all senses - the water game of water singing bowls

  • FASCINATION: The world consists largely of vibration and sound! Hear, see and feel the natural phenomenon for yourself with this exclusive water bouncing bowl. A fun; für children and adults, but also blind and deaf experience intense sensory experiences.
  • Start playing: Simply fill the bowl with water, rub the handles with wet hands.
  • Sizes: Available in 4 different sizes, 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm.
  • SECURITY: If desired, a bar can be attached at no extra cost to the bottom, with which the water singing bowl can be protected from theft.
  • MADE IN GERMANY: The water singing bowl is made in Germany using high-quality bronze. Since the production is usually only after receipt of the customer order, the delivery time is slightly länger.

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These water singing bowls were reconstructed and further developed by the Pforzheim goldsmith Christof Grosse based on the model of Chinese water bowls. They represent a combination of singing bowl and bell and also have the shape of an inverted, flat bell. They are made of the finest bronze (90% copper, 10% tin), the handles are post-welded and polished.


It is about the principle of the water singing bowl to produce a sound by rubbing instead of striking - like the known glass, which can be made to sound with by rubbing a finger wetted with liquid. Because the bronze can transmit the vibrations to the water much more strongly than glass can, the sound waves become visible in the water. What you see are actually two complete sinusoidal oscillations, each with two maxima and zeros (hence the fourfold division), which are constantly superimposed in a circle. These sinusoidal oscillations compress with the time so much that the water must jump away finally upward.


Each bell has at least four simultaneously sounding tops when struck, which can be distinguished quite well if you look closely. With the water bowl it is possible to break down this overall sound into its individual overtones, depending on how you rub it with your wet hand (with a lot or a little hand, lengthwise or crosswise, etc.). For the lowest overtone there is a fourfold division of the oscillation pattern, for a higher tone there is a sixfold division, i.e. three sinusoidal oscillations (together six maxima and zeros) are superimposed. The lowest tone makes the water jump most intensively.

Ideal für the practical experience of sound, but also for mediation purposes.Also deaf and blind people can experience intense sensory experiences with the water play of the water jumping shell.

Sound sample of 6 kg water bouncing bowl

Have you heard the bubbling water at the end of the sound sample? 

Auditioning water bubbles

Not only the "dancing" of the water is impressive, but also how the water starts to move more and more, developing very beautiful patterns and structures, especially at the beginning, or how then the first drops bounce inwards over the vibrating surface and disappear into the water again.

You wet your hands and rub the polished handles. When playing, it can be observed that slow, quiet movement leads to jumping faster than fast, hectic. Recommendation: Put as much palm as possible on the handles.

Tip for easier playing: Wash your hands with soap beforehand and clean the handles with dishwashing detergent.

Bronze water fountain bowl

The larger the water fountain bowl, the more impressive the water fountain and the sound. This can also be heard far outdoors.

Symbolism on the bottom of the bowl

On the bottom of the water singing bowl, the artist has embedded a dolphin-dragon creature. It symbolizes the moving water and the Chinese origin and European development. 

Supply & Securing

There are the water bouncing bowls in 4 different sizes (40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm). The water bowls with 80 or 100 cm diameter can only be delivered by forwarding agency due to their weight.  All water fountain bowls are delivered with a base for the safe stand.

Upon request, you can order a concrete base to place and secure your water fountain bowl in public areas. The base is hollow inside to secure the bowl to a foundation with a chain. Through a flap the chain is accessible from the outside. Weight: approx. 70 kg. Price: on request (approx. 530 EUR).

Please take into account in the delivery times that the production of the bowl is usually only after receipt of order.


Live Demonstration of Water Jumping Bowl (Youtube Video)


Shipping weight: 6,60 kg
Note on Delivery: * Applies to deliveries to Germany. For delivery times for other countries and information on calculating the delivery date, see here.