Professional Gong Resonant Mallet

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Tones reminiscent of whale song

This professional gong mallet was developed for therapeutic work. It can be used to produce atmospheric sounds reminiscent of whale song.

With the specially treated rubber heads, higher and lower tones can be produced than with conventional gong mallets. The larger the rubber head, the lower tones can be played with it. Smaller mallet heads produce higher tones.

More information

Ø Mallet head Overall length (approx.) Weight

2.0 cm (0.8")

21.5 cm

8 g

2.5 cm (1")

21.5 cm

15 g

3.0 cm (1.2")

21 cm

20 g

4.0 cm (1.6")

20.5 cm

45 g

5.0 cm (2")

20.5 cm

85 g


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