Qigong Books

Qigong is an ancient Asian form of meditation. It is used for health and has been successfully practiced in Asia for over 2000 years. The positive effect of this movement meditation is also appreciated in Europe, especially since the exercises are relatively easy to learn. There are a variety of Qigong forms. Because of its simplicity and effectiveness, Zhineng Qigong and the Qigong of the four seasons are particularly noteworthy.

What does Qigong do?

The exercises combine rest and relaxation with physical activity and improve the overall human energy flow. This awakens self-healing powers and new energies. Qigong is good for physical health and mental balance. Qigong has helped many people with physical ailments, such as tension, back problems, headaches or cardiovascular disease. It is best to find a quiet place to practice and wear comfortable clothing so that the energy can flow freely.

Medically recognized: Zhineng Qigong

This method was developed by Tai Chi grandmaster and physician Dr. Pang Ming in China. It consists of simple flowing movements that can be learned very quickly and can be performed even by the sick. Today, the energy exercises are considered the most effective, medically recognized form of Qigong and are an obligatory part of the TCM medical training in China. Zhineng Qigong has become known worldwide through great healing successes.

The practice of Zhineng Qigong

What exactly is important in Zhineng Qigong, how to perform the basic exercises and many tips on application, breathing and visualization is in the books of Anne Hering and Aranja Probst, two experienced Zhineng Qigong teachers. From Anne Hering the instructions are also available on DVD and CD. The regular practice brings deep relaxation and inner peace and reliably protects against daily stress.

Qigong of the Four Seasons

This form is based on the characteristics of the seasons and was developed by TCM doctor and Qigong master Zheng Yi. It consists of simple, effective rehabilitation movement exercises and takes into account breathing techniques, healing sounds, organ exercises and acupressure. Qigong of the Four Seasons uses the forces of nature and the fact that each season affects the body and organs differently. All exercises are accompanied by DVDs and appropriate music.