Sansula Basic - by Hokema

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Bestseller: Sound Optimization Through Bearing on Thin Membrane

The Sansula belongs to the family of Kalimbas and is just as easy to play as a normal Kalimba. The sound block is suspended freely in a thin membrane, which gives the sound more volume, vibrates longer and becomes softer. The instrument is developed and patented by the company HOKEMA.

The Sansula Basic is the lightest of the HOKEMA sansulas. It has an excellent sound, but you should not drop it, as the thin membrane could tear in the process. If you are looking for sturdier versions for children or nurseries, for example, we recommend the Sansula Renaissance or Sansula Deluxe models, which have a much sturdier membrane.

  • Factory tuning: A minor chord with additional b and f: a',c",c',a',a,f',e',e",h'.
  • the setting is changeable. We recommend the matching Voice Iron for this.
  • With game and user manual

The sansulas are available in 440 Hz and 432 Hz pitch. Since the 432 Hz Sansulas are ordered on demand, this results in a longer delivery time.

Sound sample


Shipping weight: 0,55 kg
Dimensions: 198 x 155 x 67 mm
Manufacturer: HOKEMA
Material: Membran aus Zellulose
Note on Delivery: * Applies to deliveries to Germany. For delivery times for other countries and information on calculating the delivery date, see here.

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