Books on Healthy Living

Health is more than the absence of disease. A healthy life means feeling good all around and encompasses many aspects. For a healthy life we can do a lot ourselves, for example, strengthen our self-healing powers, surround ourselves with positive energies or singing. Ultimately, it also includes the courage to live his potential and overcome fears.

Strengthening self-healing as the key to holistic well-being

Humans can only heal themselves. Spiritual teacher Joe Dispenza says, "The power that created the body is also capable of healing the body". Self-healing power can be strengthened or activated. Healing power rests, for example, in thoughts, colors, gemstones or sounds. Also the harmonization of the chakras, the energy centers of the human being, belongs to it.

Healing energies for health

Energies and vibrations can affect health. This fact is successfully used, for example, in singing bowl therapy or sound massage to release physical or mental blockages with certain frequencies. Another example are gemstones, whose power and energy in the wellness sector benefits the eyes in the form of eye pillows or stones

Singing is healthy - Mantras as medicine

The healing effect of singing is known and often finds its way into the therapeutic field. Whether song or mantra - both have a positive effect on body and soul, the main thing is to sing. The appropriate "healing" Songbooks and lectures by music professionals about the valuable effect of mantras can be found with us. To sing along, there are here CDs with mantra music. 

Healthy life - what else belongs to it?

Only those who live their talents, desires and inclinations can remain healthy holistically in the long run. Whoever does what he enjoys will gain energy about it, which will strengthen his immune system and protect him from crises. Living one's potential is crucial. However, sometimes you need some courage or encouragement to go your way or help to overcome fears.