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Shipping costs

Delivery with Deutsche Post and DHL

Our preferred retailers are the German Mail (Deutsche Post) and DHL. We will choose the appropriate shipping method by taking into account the product, the amount of the invoice and the country to which it will be delivered. We deliver to the following countries: Germany, all countries of the European Union, to Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and North America.

Exception: clothes will only be delivered to German addresses.

If a surcharge is specified in the product description, it has to be added to the later-mentioned delivery costs.

Orders with download articles only are always free of shipping costs.


Products and Order Value Shipping Costs
Chimes (order with chimes only)
no shipping costs
Products less than 20,00 EUR values from following categories (also mixed):
CDs, incense, books, DVDs and tea light-silhouettes
2,50 EUR
Products more than 20,00 EUR values from following categories (also mixed):
CDs, incense, books, DVDs and tea light-silhouettes
no shipping costs
Other products
(also applies for mixed orders consisting of shipping free and other products)
4,95 EUR
European Union
Versandgewicht Versandkosten
less than 0,16 kg ( ca. 1 CD or DVD) 3,90 EUR
0,16 kg to less than 0,5 kg 7,95 EUR
0,5 kg to less than 1,0 kg 11,00 EUR
1,0 kg b to less than 2,0 kg 13,50 EUR
from 2,0 kg for each additional kg + 0,80 EUR/kg
Clothes no delivery
Switzerland / Liechtenstein /
Versandgewicht Versandkosten
less than 0,16 kg (ca. 1 CD or DVD) 3,90 EUR
0,16 kg to less than0,5 kg 7,95 EUR
0,5 kg to less than1,0 kg 11,00 EUR
1,0 kg to less than 2,0 kg 19,50 EUR
from 2,0 kg for each additional kg + 2,00 EUR/kg
Clothes no delivery
USA, Canada, Mexico
Versandgewicht Versandkosten
less than 0,5 kg 11,00 EUR
0,5 kg to less than 1,0 kg 21,00 EUR
1,0 kg to less than 2,0 kg 45,00 EUR
from 2,0 kg for each additional kg + 6,00 EUR/kg
Bulky Goods (larger than 120 x 60 x 60 cm) no delivery
Clothes no delivery

Further notice:

  • Cash on delivery: A delivery by Nachnahme is carried out by DHL. DHL only delivers to addresses in Germany. Please note that this payment method is more expensive than other payment methods. A special fee of EUR 5 will be charged for cash on delivery, because DHL charges extra fees for this service. In addition to the total sum you have to pay a forwarding fee of EUR 2 directly to the postman.
  • Packstation: Delivery to a Packstation in Germany only.
  • Shipping costs will only be charged once, regardless of the order quantitiy whether we are forced to split your order or not.
  • Finally, we request to help avoiding unnecessary costs in agreeing upon a suitable shipping method before returning your ordered goods. By no means send the package "unfrei". (not prepaid). Thank you! (In case of inobservance your right of withdrawal will not be restricted.)

Further information about delivery times

In the following table you are going to find the delivery times for shipping to other countries which have to be added to the standard delivery time given for each article.

country additional maximum delivery time in days
Austria 2
Switzerland / Liechtenstein 4
Belgium 2
Bulgaria 8
Canada 5 - 7
Cyprus 7
Czech Republic 2
Denmark 2
Estonia 8
Finland 5
France 2
Greece 7
Hungary 4
Great-Britain 2
Ireland 7
Italy 2
Latvia 5 - 9
Lithuania 5 - 10
Luxemburg 2
Malta 4 - 8
Mexico 9 - 14
Niederlande 2
Norway 7
Poland 2
Portugal 8
Romania 7
Sweden 3
Slovakia 3
Slovenia 3
Spain 6
USA 6 - 8

If you order several articles with different delivery times at once, we are going to send the articles in one package, unless otherwise agreed. In this case the delivery time for your whole order depends on the delivery time for the article with the longest delivery time.

Calculating the day of delivery

The period of time for delivery when you have chosen payment in advance starts one working day after you have placed your payment order with your bank respectively, when you choose other payment methods, it starts the first working day after conclusion of contract and ends at the end of the last day of the time period. If the last day of the period of time is a Sunday or a public holiday in the country of destination, the package will be delivered the next working day.

Special information for customers from Switzerland or Liechtenstein

More and more Swiss order products from foreign suppliers due to internet shopping. Because Swiss customs is passed in the delivery process, in addition to the merchandise value and shipping costs, additional costs often incur for the buyer which cannot clearly be seen at first sight during the ordering process.
We send our goods traditionally with DHL (German Post) to Switzerland. That is why the parcels have to go through Swiss Post customs clearance. After that, the ordered goods will be delivered by Swiss Post. Each delivery from a foreign country has to go through customs clearance. The costs are generally billed to the recipient together with the customs duty and taxes (e.g. VAT). There is no duty-free limit like when you are travelling, just a (small) duty and tax-free allowance.
  • Taxes:
    The customs duties in Switzerland are generally calculated according to the gross weight (including packaging). The Swiss Customs Administration offers a tool for the calculation of the current customs rates: Tool zur Ermittlung der Zollansätze.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT):
    The assessment basis generally comprises the consideration paid for the items in question. This applies also for items purchased online. The invoice or contract of sale forms the basis. All costs up to the destination in Switzerland (e.g. postal forwarding service) as well as import duties (e.g. customs duties) are added to the assessment basis. Since January 1, 2011 until the end of 2017 value added tax amounts to 8% of the assessment basis. A reduced rate of 2.5% applies for certain goods (e.g. foodstuff, books and magazines).
  • Taxen:
    In connection with the proceedings of Swiss Post customs clearance special taxes are due. These are mentioned in the receipt.
Please find further information on the web pages of the Eidgenössischen Zollverwaltung (EZV).
  • costs for money transfer: When you pay within the Single Euro Payments Area SEPA (includes besides the EU member states Switzerland and Liechtenstein as well) preferably use a SEPA bank transfer. If you choose EUR as base currency, you at most have to pay the fees for a domestic bank transfer. When you choose CHF as currency or another way of a foreign bank transfer there may occur high bank fees, charges are for your account.

Please find further information about SEPA here.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.