Shruti Box Pro 3 Octaves

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Wide range of sound generation possibilities

This shrutibox with 36 tones offers a variety of uses: In music and sound therapy, as an accompanying instrument for free singing or experimental music making. The chromatic tones go over 3 octaves!

The Shrutibox is easy to play

Simply stand it up and open it, operate the bellows from one side and open the individual keys on the other side as desired. The sound can be varied by the intensity of the air supply and by opening or closing the flaps. Tip: The small shruti box can be played well while dancing, because it is light and handy.

How the Indian instrument works

The shrutibox (surpeti) is an instrument that originated in India and is played by a hand-operated bellows. The instrument is similar to the Indian harmonium, but without keys. The sound is produced by fine metal tongues inside the shrutibox, which are vibrated by the passing air. The individual tones or chords are produced by opening the corresponding keys. By the way, shruti simply means octave.

Good to know - practical information about the Shrutibox

Due to its handy size and robustness, it is very easy to take with you, especially since it is protected by the practical bag that comes with it. It is a branded instrument made by the Indian manufacturer Monoj Kumar Sardar & Bros already in its third generation of master craftsmen. His instruments are known for the excellent quality.

Weight of the instrument: 2385 g


  • full, carrying sound, tuned to 440 Hertz
  • handy size: 41 x 33 x 10 cm
  • chromatic tuning with a wide range of three octaves
  • bag included
  • branded Shrutibox: Handmade in the manufactory of Monoj Kumar Sardar & Bros.



Shipping weight: 5,30 kg
Origin: India
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