Singing bowls for Beginners

Klangschalen für Einsteiger

If you are a newcomer to singing bowls, then you have come to the right place! You will find the perfect singing bowl for beginners or even complete singing bowl beginner sets with bowl, clapper and singing bowl cushion. With these you can get started right away - because anyone can play a singing bowl and thus benefit from the positive effects on health and inner harmon.

Singing Bowl Introduction

You may already know singing bowls from yoga classes or from sound massage. Then you already know how beneficial their sound can be for people. The bowls originated in Asia (Tibet, Nepal, India, Japan), where they are still made by hand today. They have always been used there for religious purposes and meditation and have now also found their way to us.

How do singing bowls work?

When you strike the metal bowl with a clapper, it starts to "sing" (this is why they are called "singing bowls"). The sound is created by vibrations that are generated when the bowl is struck. If you fill water into a singing bowl, you can see these vibrations in the form of small waves. They spread out concentrically in the bowl. In this way, the sound also has an effect in the human body, which consists largely of water.

Why they have a relaxing effect

Singing bowls have been proven to have a relaxing effect. On the one hand, this is because the sound touches something deep inside us. On the other hand, the sounds are very rich in overtones, i.e. several tones can be heard at the same time. The brain cannot process this variety, so a deep feeling of relaxation sets in. At the same time, the vibrations of the bowl move through our body and restore balance and inner peace.

How do you play a singing bowl?

You place the bowl in the palm of your hand or on a singing bowl cushion and strike the upper edge of the bowl. The strength of the strike and the choice of mallet are decisive for the sound. A soft felt mallet sounds different from a hard felt mallet or wooden mallet. The bowl can also be rubbed in a circle at the edge with a leather-covered mallet. With practice, a sustained, singing tone can be heard.

These are the best singing bowls for beginner

Just as singing bowls vary in size, shape and style, they also vary in price. As a singing bowl beginner, you should choose a bowl that is reasonably priced and sounds good. We have collected these in this category. The versatile Tibetan singing bowls, for example, offer a good price-performance ratio. The Bengali singing bowls by Peter Hess are relatively robust and popular for playful sound experiences with children. Listen to the sound samples and decide what you like.

What beginners need to know about singing bowls

  1. Playing the singing bowl is like learning any other skill: practice makes perfect. Take your time and remember that playing a singing bowl should be a relaxing experience.
  2. Get the right mallet for your singing bowl. Tip: A matching mallet is recommended with each of our singing bowls.
  3. Experiment playfully with the sound of your bowl. You will find suggestions in our singing bowl books.

You can also find many tips for buying a singing bowl in our free singing bowl guide.