Singing bowl Bombay engraved

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Singing bowl with the 8 Buddhist symbols of luck

You can never have enough luck! The Bombay singing bowl offers you several Buddhist symbols of luck like the shell or the endless knot, which artfully decorate the bowl. A beautiful, handmade bowl for all who love the special and seek happiness.
The pictured key is not included.

Highlights of the Bombay singing bowl:

  • Artfully decorated singing bowl with Buddhist symbols of luck.
  • available in different sizes
  • An agreeable, balanced sound
  • Crafts from India
  • Ideal for meditation, mindfulness or as decoration


Weight Diameter Sound sample
450 - 500 g ca. 12 cm
470 - 530 g ca. 13 cm
550 - 750 g ca. 16 cm
720 - 980 g ca. 17 cm
1300 - 1500 g ca. 24 cm
2800 - 3000 g ca. 30 cm

The sound samples only give an approximation of the sound of the singing bowls, as the sound differs somewhat from bowl to bowl and depends on many factors such as metal composition, wall thickness, temperature etc. A deviation of the sound of the sent singing bowl from the sound samples audible here is therefore not a defect. 

Traditional manufacturing in India

The manufacturing is done in small workshops and is a sweaty affair. The composition of the metal is a secret and has a significant effect on the sound quality.
  • First, a metal disc is made to glow. Then, several men drive the shell out of the disc by hand, little by little, with great force and skill, using hammers. As usual in blacksmithing, many operations of annealing and driving are necessary until the final shape is achieved.
  • Finally, the bowl is smoothed before it is lovingly decorated with engravings. Their beautiful luster it receives in the end by extensive re-polishing by hand. Due to the handwork and the changing composition of the metal, each singing bowl never sounds exactly like the other.

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