Zen Alarm Clock | Feng Shui Timer | Meditation Clock by Dayasa

Who would like to wake up to a shrill alarm rattle? Our beautiful singing bowl clocks put an end to this and wake you up with the pleasant gong of a real singing bowl.

The singing bowl clocks were developed by us in close cooperation with sound experts. The aim was to achieve the perfect mallet touch for the best sound result. We succeeded - it is as if someone would strike the singing bowl for you!

Alarm clock, meditation clock, Reiki timer and wellness timer

The singing bowl clock not only wakes you up with the sound of a real singing bowl, but with its interval and countdown function it also accompanies meditation, yoga session, Reiki application or wellness treatment. During a therapy session it can stylishly signal the beginning and end of the session with the gong of a singing bowl.

2 models: Mandala and Anand

The singing bowl clock is available in a round design as Mandala and in the shape of a truncated pyramid Anand. Both models are made of local beech wood and are available in natural beech, white, chocolate and black. They are operated via a practical touch display, the operation via batteries.

Many singing bowls to choose from

There are several bowls to choose from, so that everyone can find their personal favourite bowl. Most popular is the Tibetan singing bowl Choepa, which looks good on any model. For those who value the best quality in sound and manufacturing, we recommend the Japanese singing bowls, e.g. Nara or Shomyo.

Production in Germany

The singing bowl clock is made in Germany. In his small turnery near Kassel, Bernd lovingly handcrafts the beautiful cases from local beech wood. The singing bowls come from India, Nepal and Japan and crown every single clock. The delivery takes place in a beautiful cardboard box with german and english operating instructions.