Singing bowl for sound therapy

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Singing Bowl for Sound Therapy Work

These matt polished, beautiful singing bowls are made for professional work in the context of sound massage and sound therapy. They resonate for a long time and are affordable alternatives to brand name therapy singing bowls.


  • Favorable alternative to other brand therapy singing bowls.
  • Available in different sizes
  • Long lasting sound
  • Suitable for singing bowl therapy or sound massage



    Weight Diameter Sound Sample
    700 - 750 g ca. 16 cm
    950 - 1000 g ca. 21 cm
    1300 - 1350 g ca. 23,5 cm
    1500 - 1550 g ca. 25,5 cm
    2100 - 2150 g ca. 28,5 cm

    The sound samples only approximate the sound of the singing bowls, as the sound differs somewhat from bowl to bowl and depends on many factors such as metal composition, wall thickness, temperature etc. A deviation in the sound of the singing bowl sent from the sound samples audible here is therefore not a defect.


    Traditional Manufacturing in India

    The manufacturing is done in small workshops and is a sweaty affair. The composition of the metal is a secret and significantly affects the sound quality.


    • First, a metal disc is made to glow. Then, several men drive the shell out of the disc by hand, little by little, with great force and skill, using hammers. As usual in blacksmithing, many operations of annealing and driving are necessary until the final shape is achieved.
    • After smoothing the surface of the shell, it is extensively re-polished by hand, whereby it receives its beautiful luster.
    • Due to the handwork and the changing composition of the metal, each singing bowl never sounds exactly like the other.

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