Singing bowl Kashmir ornamented

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Singing bowl decorated with symbols of luck

This beautiful singing bowl was lovingly handcrafted in India. Inside the bowl on the bottom is the Endless Knot, one of the most important symbols of luck in Buddhism.

He is found on the outside of the bowl once again, along with other Buddhist symbols of luck such as the Golden Wheel, the white shell and the Golden Fish. The outer bottom is adorned with the symbol of the white conch.

The meaning of the depicted lucky symbols

Endless Knot:
The closed knot is a symbol of harmony, favorable circumstances and long life. It also symbolizes the eternity of Buddha's teachings and the endless rebirths of man.
Golden Wheel: The precious wheel symbolizes the Buddhist teachings that spread through Buddha like a rolling wheel. The eight wheel spokes represent the Eightfold Noble Path to Liberation - a practical guide on how to attain wisdom and overcome ignorance.
Golden Fish: They symbolize the ability to surrender to the flow of life and represent happiness, wealth and fertility. 
White conch shell: The conch is a musical instrument in Tibet that can be heard far and wide. The conch shell represents the spread of Buddha's teaching and fame. The sound of the teaching awakens from deep ignorance.
This ornate singing bowl is ideal for meditation, mindfulness exercises or as an auspicious and beautiful decoration.


Weight Diameter Sound Sample
230 - 330 g approx. 11 cm
250 - 350 g approx. 12 cm
450 - 550 g approx. 13 cm
630 - 740 g approx. 16 cm
800 - 900 g approx. 17 cm
1100 - 1300 g approx. 20 cm
1650 - 1750 g approx. 25 cm
2400 - 2650 g approx. 30 cm

The sound samples only give an approximation of the sound pattern of the singing bowls, as the sound differs somewhat from bowl to bowl and depends on many factors such as metal composition, wall thickness, temperature, etc. A deviation of the sound of the sent singing bowl from the sound samples audible here is therefore not a defect.

Traditional manufacturing in India

The manufacturing is done in small workshops and is a sweaty affair. The composition of the metal is a secret and has a significant effect on the sound quality.
  • First, a metal disc is made to glow. Then, several men drive the shell out of the disc by hand, little by little, with great force and skill, using hammers. As usual in blacksmithing, many operations of annealing and driving are necessary until the final shape is achieved.
  • Finally, the bowl is smoothed before it is lovingly decorated with engravings. Their beautiful luster it receives in the end by extensive re-polishing by hand. Due to the handwork and the changing composition of the metal, each singing bowl never sounds exactly like the other.

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