Singing Bowl Set Baccha -14,5 cm

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Ideal set for beginners and for working with children.

These beautiful handmade singing bowls come from India.... They get their typical look with the black bottom and the gold rim by a simple and reduced surface treatment. This makes them relatively inexpensive, but also robust. At the same time they sound very beautiful.

This combination predestines them for playful use, e.g. with children, but also for meditation, fantasy journeys, room cleaning with sound or as a decorative object.

This is what distinguishes the Baccha singing bowls:

  • Robust and insensitive
  • Good sound
  • Affordable price
  • Ideal for playful sound experiences

The set consists of:



Baccha bowls sound good, even if they do not reach the quality of more expensive therapy singing bowls. They don't have to, because they are not intended for sound work. Their beautiful sound lies between singing bowl and gong.

Weight Diameter Height Sound Sample
575 - 625 g ca. 14,5 cm ca. 6,5 cm

The sound samples were made with a leather mallet.

Sound samples can only convey the sound image of the singing bowls. The sound of a singing bowl depends on many factors such as metal composition, wall thickness, temperature, used clapper, etc.. No singing bowl sounds exactly like another. Therefore, a deviation of the sound of the singing bowl sent to you from the sound samples audible here is not a defect.

Possible applications

Due to their robustness and at the same time good sound, the bowls are very well suited for playful sound experiences with children.

Other possible uses:

  • Introduction or ending of meditations
  • Accompaniment of fantasy journeys
  • Room cleansing through sound in Feng Shui
  • Authentic, beautiful decorative object

In this set you will receive all the necessary components to immediately start experiencing the world of singing bowls. To expand the set, we recommend the following items:



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