Sets from tuned Singing Bowls

Sets from tuned Singing Bowls

The bowls in our sets are perfectly matched in sound. For this purpose, an experienced musician determined for each individual bowl the main frequency in which it vibrates. The composition of the singing bowls in the sets requires a lot of know-how and a large selection of high-quality bowls for an optimal and harmonious sound experience.

Knowing the tone of the singing bowl

Each sound frequency has a specific effect and addresses different chakras and areas. The advantage of measured singing bowls is that they can be used quite specifically for certain effects in sound massage.
The Mars tone, for example, promotes willpower and brings energy for projects, at the same time it addresses the area of the sexual organs. The Venus tone, on the other hand, has a balancing and harmonious effect and appeals to the heart area.

Ideal areas of application of measured singing bowl sets

Since with measured singing bowls the tone and thus their effect are known, our sets can be used specifically in sound massage, sound therapy or chakra work. Due to the harmonious sound of the bowls together, they can also be played as a sophisticated musical instrument.
In addition, the size and weight of the singing bowls are optimally selected for sound massage, because too small and light bowls do not transmit the vibrations sufficiently to the body.

Exclusive singing bowl sets with a special effect

The sets you will find are only available from us. They have been created for specific areas of use. They range from use in chakra work, immersion in angelic energies and the union of male and female forces, to use as a high-quality musical instrument.

You can currently find the following singing bowl sets with us: