Assam Singing Bowls

Assam Singing Bowls

Assam singing bowls are flat and open. They are named after the Indian region where the flat singing bowl shape originated. Since Assam bowls are cast and not handmade, their price is cheap. These open bowls are popular for use in sound massage for the head area and are ideal for kindergartens and schools, among others.

Sound bowl manufacturing

Assam sound bowls are cast from metal in traditional handwork by small family businesses. The cast bowls have a smooth, even surface as opposed to hand beaten bowls. The composition of the metal varies and is a trade secret. The bowls are available shiny gold or antique style decorated with Buddhist motifs.


Assam singing bowls have a shape that is wide open at the top, which translates to their beautiful sound. Their clear, high-quality sound resonates for a long time. Because of their shape, they are more suitable for striking with a mallet than for rubbing. Whether leather, felt or wooden mallet depends on the occasion and individual preference. Who likes a soft sound spectrum, is right with a felt clapper.


The flat Assam singing bowls are very suitable for meditation, yoga or singing bowl therapy. The small bowl of only 12.5 cm in diameter fits well for use in the head area. The small, flat bowls with their clear sound are also very suitable for working with children.