Bengali Singing Bowls by Peter Hess

Bengali singing bowls by Peter Hess

These inexpensive and robust singing bowls invite you to play with their good sound! They are ideally suited für sound experiences with children, to initiate and end meditations, clean rooms and as an unusual decorative object - an enrichment für any room.

Quality of Bengali singing bowls

All Peter Hess singing bowls are elaborately manufactured and strictly controlled for quality on site and then in Germany. Especially the impact behavior and the sound are tested. The respective vibration qualities form the basis for the classification into different quality classes.

The Bengali singing bowls from Peter Hess are available in two quality levels: Gold and Silver. You get with us the higher quality gold bowls. As originals they are marked by a seal. The offer ranges from small bowls with only 200 g to bowls with 1.5 kg weight.

Inexpensive Bengali singing bowls

They are named after the region of their origin: Bengal, north of Calcutta in India. In contrast to the usual singing bowl production, these bowls do not undergo any elaborate surface treatment, but remain partly black and untreated. This makes them particularly stable and durable.

Characteristic for Bengali bowls are the curved undersides and the golden, grooved upper edge. The pretty contrast between black and gold looks very decorative.

Characteristic sound

The sound quality of the Bengali bowls is very good, but does not match the quality of therapy singing bowls from Peter Hess. This is also not necessary if they are not used for sound therapy. They are sonically between singing bowl and gong.

Because of their combination of robustness with good sound, they are very popular für playful sound experiences, for example in kindergarten.

Applications of the Bengali singing bowls

These robust and good sounding singing bowls are very well suited for use in kindergartens. They allow many sound experiments and experiences without prior knowledge. Popular is, for example, the striking with water-filled Bengali singing bowls to experience small water fountains. Many ideas für the playful use of singing bowls offers the book by Peter Hess Klangschalen - Mein praktischer Begleiter.

With the beautiful sound of the Bengali singing bowls can be very good Meditations initiate or end. In Feng Shui their sound is often used for room cleaning. Also as an authentic deco object it is increasingly popular with its beautiful gold-black contrast.

The right touch of the bowl: mallet and mallet

The sound of the Bengali bowl is influenced to a large extent by the sound of the mallet. A large, soft felt mallet produces deeper tones than a small, hard felt mallet. With him the bowl sounds higher.
Alternatively, with practice, you can make the Bengali bowl "sing" by rubbing the rim with a mallet. For this purpose, leather-covered mallets are very suitable. Pure wooden mallets are also possible, but produce a less beautiful sound in comparison.

You can find our entire mallet selection here.

Sound bowl cushion for Bengali sound bowls

A pad ensures the free spread of sound and vibration. On a hard base, the singing bowl would develop side noises. A too soft base, on the other hand, would let the bowl sink in and "swallow" the sound.
Particularly popular are our singing bowl cushions decorated with chakra motifs, which are available in two sizes (14.5 cm and 9.5 cm). You can find the full range of pads here.