Singing Bowls for Children

Singing Bowls for Children

Explore the fascinating world of singing bowls with children! Children love the shiny bowls and experimenting with them. Along the way, their relaxation, concentration, attention, body perception or imagination are encouraged. And very important: fun and games are not neglected either. It is not without reason that singing bowls have a firm place in kindergartens and schools. Singing bowls are also popular for sound massage with children.

Use in kindergarten & school

Regular sound breaks with children have proven their worth. It not only provides the children, but also educators and teachers with important relaxation breaks in everyday life. The Peter Hess sound box makes it particularly easy to create a variety of sound games, sound rituals and sounding fantasy journeys. The robust Bengali singing bowl is suitable for children's own sound experiments, as it does not take anything amiss.

Sound massage with children

There are especially small singing bowls for children, such as the Peter Hess Mini Singing Bowl Set 4 Kids. These are specially designed for babies and toddlers in terms of weight, size and shape. The gentle sounds have a relaxing effect and can promote calm and harmony especially during crying phases. Recommended for use in hospitals, on premature baby wards, at breastfeeding meetings, for midwives, at home or at baby crawling groups.

Book tip: Fantasy journeys for children with singing bowls

The targeted use of the sounds of singing bowls in stories and fantasy journeys can deepen the effect. Familiar thought patterns can be let go of more easily and figurative thinking can be encouraged. This has a positive effect on creativity and learning and problem-solving behaviour. Suggestions can be found, for example, in the book "Fanello - Sounding Fantasy Journeys for Children" or "20 Sound Stories to Follow and Join in".

Experiments with singing bowls - experiencing sounds and training the senses

Singing bowls are easy to play and therefore ideal for sound experiments. Their sounds appeal to two senses at once: Hearing and feeling. Through specific sound games, the hearing can be trained and attentiveness trained. For example, if the child holds the bowl in his hand when it is struck or stands on his stomach, he can directly feel the vibrations of the sound. The sound experiences can be easily varied with different singing bowls or clappers.

Rituals with singing bowls for children

Recurring habits give children stability and reliability. One of these is the good-night story. Accompanied or completed by the gong of a singing bowl, the relaxing effect of the story can be strengthened and the transition to sleep made easier. Regularly striking the bowl at the beginning of a lesson can also focus attention and promote concentration. Children's singing bowl sets With these sets you can get started immediately with experimentation, sound journeys or sound massage.

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