Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls

Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls

The Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls were specially developed for sound massage. Their vibration and sound properties are tuned to the frequency spectra needed for the corresponding body areas.

Important features of the Peter Hess® therapy singing bowls are:

  • Harmonic sound, without frequency jumps and unpleasant side effects
  • Overtones rich frequency spectrum and particularly clear harmonic tone formation
  • Flexible response of the sound spectrum during sound massage

12 metals

The singing bowls manufactured by Peter Hess are made of 12 metals. These are, for example, metals that are assigned to planets such as gold -> Sun, silver -> Moon, copper -> Venus, or tin -> Jupiter. And they are metals that promote certain processes such as zinc against stress conditions. The ratio of copper and tin is crucial for the sound. The exact composition of the metal is based on many years of experience.

Sound Massage

Für the sound therapy are used the joint and universal bowl, the heart bowl, the pelvic bowl, the head bowl and the larynx bowl. They are placed on the body and struck. Their sounds have a relaxing effect and are transmitted to the body. There, the vibrations can harmonize the body and remove blockages.

Old knowledge & new insights

The basis for the design and manufacturing is the ancient knowledge about the production and material composition of good and for the sound massage suitable traditional singing bowls. At hess klangkonzepte we have been continuously developing and working on the optimization of the bowls since 1984 with the aim of producing the best possible singing bowls for therapy work and sound massage.

Difference therapy singing bowls and singing bowls in Himalayan quality

While the Peter Hess® therapy singing bowls were developed for the professional, the therapy singing bowls in Himalayan quality are intended for the layman. The sound quality is very good and the singing bowls have the same dimensions and shape as the therapy singing bowls. They differ from the Peter Hess® therapy singing bowls by a slightly lower sound range and frequency behavior. The bowls may also have slight optical deviations. These singing bowls are, for example, very good for kindergartens and schools well suited.

Therapy singing bowl with intensive vibrations: the Bolo singing bowl

The Bolo singing bowl is a special version of the Peter Hess therapy singing bowls and is characterised by a more intensive vibration behaviour than the conventional throat bowl. This is due to the hole cut-out in the base, which means that the bowl only rests with the edge of the bowl wall. The sound of the bowl thus spreads concentrically in the body as usual and additionally also into the radius of the area ring.

Sound massage on specific difficult areas of the body

On some parts of the body it is difficult to place a singing bowl and to reach the tension sufficiently. Here Bolo singing bowls can be a valuable addition to the well-known therapy singing bowls. Through the hole in the bottom it can be applied to e.g. heel, shoulder, knee joint, etc. The sound quality of the bowl remains completely guaranteed despite the hole cut-out.