Singing Bowls with Decoration

Singing Bowls with Decoration

Singing bowls are available with or without decoration. Plain and without decoration are, for example, the well-known therapy singing bowls or most Japanese singing bowls. If you prefer a pattern or colour, you should take a closer look at the Tibetan singing bowls and large foot singing bowls. There is a wide range of designs here. The decorations range from Buddha figures to Buddhist symbols of luck, mandalas and mantras to engraved flowers.

How does the symbol get on the singing bowl?

The decoration is engraved by hand into the metal of the bowl or artistically painted on with a brush. Depending on the skill of the artist, true works of art with many loving details can emerge. Since each artist interprets the mantras and symbols in his or her own way and several artists work on the bowls, the decoration of the bowls never looks exactly the same, even with identical motifs.

Singing bowl with pattern or without - which is better?

The decisive factor is that the outer design of the bowl has no influence on the sound. With this in mind, you are completely free in your choice and can follow your preference. If you use the singing bowl for meditation or yoga, harmonious symbols such as the Om symbol, a Buddha figure or the flower of life can support the inner contemplation and tune your subconscious.

These ornaments on singing bowls are popular

The Om symbol, which is engraved on the bottom of our Om singing bowl, for example, is particularly popular. The Buddhist symbols of luck Wheel of Life, Shell etc. are often depicted in great detail on the rim of the bowl and are also popular. The universal mandala with the flower of life, which is usually painted or engraved on the bottom of the bowl, is one of our bestsellers, as are Buddha motifs.

Our tips for the best effect of singing bowls with patterns

The ornate outer decoration of the singing bowl is best shown off on a plain singing bowl cushion, such as our coloured felt coasters. The decoration looks particularly good in combination with plain gold-coloured bowls, which form a beautiful shiny frame for the decorative bowl. The pattern also looks impressive, for example, when you place different sizes of bowls next to each other, e.g. at your meditation place.