Singing Bowls for Meditation

Singing Bowls for the Meditation

Are you looking for a singing bowl for meditation? Then you have come to the right place. Because there are singing bowls that are more suitable for meditation than other bowls. Read why this is so, which bowls these are and how you can best use the bowls for meditation.

Why are there special singing bowls for meditation?

It has to do with their sound quality and their sound behaviour. They are characterised by a particularly clear and very long-lasting sound that is free of background noise. Japanese singing bowls, for example, can reverberate for up to two minutes. Listening to this beautiful sound leads directly to the inner self during meditation and is an ancient, tried and tested method of immersing oneself in meditation or accompanying mantra chants with it.

Singing bowl meditation - which bowl fits best?

Sangha singing bowls, Japanese singing bowls and crystal singing bowls are excellent bowls for meditation. They come in many sizes and therefore frequencies, so you can choose the sound that suits you best. Basically, the larger the bowl, the deeper, longer and more voluminous it sounds.

  • Sangha singing bowls were developed by singing bowl pioneer Peter Hess especially for meditation and receive their sound quality through an elaborate handcrafted manufacturing process.
  • Crystal singing bowls have a very high tonal clarity and an intense sound volume. They can be used very well with mantra meditations.
  • Japanese singing bowls have a clear, pure and even sound that can last for a very long time (1-2 min). This sound is mainly due to the professional production and the centuries of experience in the composition of the metal.

How does a meditation with singing bowls work?

Strike the bowl with a mallet and listen to the sound until it is no longer audible. Then strike again and repeat the process for as long as you wish to meditate. The gently vibrating sounds have a harmonising effect on body, mind and soul and give the brain a focus. This makes it easier to let the thoughts that arise move on. Alternatively, chant a mantra to it. Used regularly, you will soon feel the positive effects.

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