Peter Hess® Sangha Meditation Singing Bowls

Peter Hess® Sangha Meditation Singing Bowls

Sangha singing bowls have been created by Peter Hess especially for meditation. Fittingly, he has chosen the name "Sangha", which has its origin in the ancient Indian language Sanskrit and means "meditating community". Their extraordinary sound perfectly meets the needs for meditation and sound and fantasy journeys.

Quality of Sangha Meditation Singing Bowls

All Peter Hess singing bowls are elaborately manufactured and strictly controlled for quality on site and then in Germany. Especially the impact behavior and the sound are tested.

For the very high-quality sound of the Sangha bowls Peter Hess has long experimented and researched. Finally, the manufacturing process was supplemented by an additional forging process. This requires about 4 hours more effort per kilogram of weight.In addition, there is the elaborate surface treatment, in which the shell is polished by hand for several hours to a high gloss. The high effort also explains the upscale price range of these quality bowls.

The offer ranges from small bowls with only 700 g to bowls weighing 2.5 kg.

Extraordinary sound of the Sangha singing bowls

The effort for the production of the bowls is rewarded with an exceptional sound. The Sangha singing bowls offer a long-lasting, particularly clear, beautiful and carrying sound with very fine vibration. The wonderful, space-filling sound character is ideal for use in meditation and for sound and fantasy journeys.

Great sound experiences offers the bowl also here: in music & concert, as a sound carpet, aura care, before and after yoga, for the entrance and exit at events or to center groups.

Combination with therapy singing bowls from Peter Hess

The Sangha Meditation Singing Bowls are wonderful to play as a set. They sound very harmonious with each other and give an incomparable overall sound.

Another possible use: they complement each other sonically ideal with the Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls in professional sound massage. So if you already own the therapy singing bowls, you can usefully supplement your set with one or the other Sangha meditation singing bowl.

Practice tips for the use of Sangha singing bowls

  • Practice Tip No. 1: Place the Sangha singing bowls in a circle around the lying area and create a cosmic sound play for your client - great!
  • Practice Tip No. 2: Take a break - a sound break! In doing so, place a Sangha singing bowl in front of you on the table or floor and enjoy the long-lasting sound.

The right touch of the bowl: mallet and mallets

The sound of the Sangha meditation singing bowls depends largely on the sound of the mallet. A large, soft felt mallet produces deeper sounds than a small, hard felt mallet. With him the bowl sounds higher.

Alternatively, you can make the Sangha bowls with some exercise also "sing" by rubbing the edge with a mallet. Leather-covered mallets work very well for this. Pure wooden mallets are also possible, but produce a less beautiful sound in comparison. You can find our mallet selection here.

Singing bowl cushion for sangha meditation singing bowls

A pad ensures the free spread of sound and vibration. On a hard base, the singing bowl would develop side noises. A too soft base, on the other hand, would let the bowl sink in and "swallow" the sound.
Particularly popular are our singing bowl cushions decorated with chakra motifs. You can find the whole range of pads here.