Cushion and Coasters as a Base for Singing Bowls

Cushion and Coasters as a Base for Singing Bowls

Cushions for singing bowls are not only decorative, but also allow the singing bowls to vibrate beautifully. With the right singing bowl cushion, the bowl can not only elicit the optimal sound, but it rounds off the appearance and protects the base, when they are struck on it. Because the cushion forms a buffer to the substrate.

How thick a singing bowl cuashion must be

Sounding bowl cushions are available in a suitable design for each singing bowl. Large, heavy singing bowls need a thicker cushion than small singing bowls. The filling of the cushions made of foam, cotton or kapok ensures a free spreading of the vibrations due to the appropriate firmness. The bowl does not sink and sound "into the cushion", but stands buffered to the underground freely.

The offer ranges from very flat singing bowl cushions in ethno style, over flat mandala cushions with 1-2 cm height to singing bowl cushions with 5.5 cm height.

The required diameter of the pillows

A cushion should fit the singing bowl size. Generally, the rule is that the diameter of the bowl is approximately equal to the size of the round base. In the case of bulbous bowls, it may be slightly larger. Besides the size of the shell, the weight also plays a role. The cushion should be able to support the bowl without it sinking too far.

Japanese singing bowls are usually supplied as standard with round, thick cushions, which can also be ordered individually. These cushions also go very well with temple bells and crystal singing bowls. There are these singing bowl cushions in 14 different sizes from 7 cm to 30 cm in diameter.

Design and finish of the cushions for singing bowls

Sounding bowl cushions are available in many colors, sizes and designs: flat, thick and round, thick and square. The cover is made of brocade, satin or cotton. Some cushions are decorated with mandalas, others with Buddhist motifs or shine in bright colors. The singing bowl cushion gives the bowl an additional visual accent.

The chakra singing bowl cushions are particularly popular. They are decorated with the 7 chakra symbols, available in two different sizes and also available as a complete set (Set 9.5 cm und Set 14.5 cm).