Singing Bowls for Sound Massage

Singing bowls for sound massage

Singing bowls with their soothing vibrations are ideal for a sound massage. The bowls are placed on the body or held close to the body and struck. Their sounds have a relaxing effect and are transmitted to the body. There, the vibrations can harmonise the body and thus, for example, release blockages, stimulate self-healing powers or ensure deep relaxation.

Applications of the singing bowl massage

There are many situations in life where a sound massage can be very helpful and supportive: Stress, tension, sleep disorders, life crises or concentration problems. In the wellness sector, a relaxing sound massage is a permanent fixture and enjoys great popularity. Also in the field of care there are many positive reports about the use of singing bowls.

How to find the right bowl for a sound massage?

Basically, almost all singing bowls that are perceived as having a pleasant sound are suitable. However, there are bowls that are particularly suitable for a sound massage. These are bowls whose sound frequency has been measured. With their frequency, they either address certain areas of the body with the same frequency or blockages, or they have a beneficial effect on certain areas of life. You can find more details on the therapy, chakra or planetary singing bowls.

These singing bowls are ideal for sound massage

The Peter Hess therapy singing bowls, chakra or planetary singing bowls are the bowls of choice. Their vibrations have been measured so that the sound frequency is known. This is the prerequisite for the bowl to go into resonance with the respective body areas or blockages. Foot singing bowls offer a possibility to bring the whole body into vibration and are also often used in sound massage.

1. Therapy singing bowls according to Peter Hess

The joint and universal bowl, the heart bowl, the pelvic bowl, the head bowl and the throat bowl are used for sound therapy. The names of the bowls already indicate the area of the body where the bowls are best used. They are available individually or in inexpensive sets. A somewhat cheaper variant are these bowls as Himalayan singing bowls. For more intensive sound massage or for difficult areas of the body, the Bolo therapy singing bowls with a hole in the bottom are ideal.

2. Chakra singing bowls

The human being has 7 chakras (subtle energy centres) on the front and back of the body, which are not visible externally. Each chakra vibrates on a certain frequency and corresponds to a tone of the major scale. The root chakra, for example, is assigned to the keynote C and the crown chakra to the tone B. Singing bowls that have the same tone as the respective chakra can become effective as a chakra bowl and, if necessary, release blockages or harmonise the energy there. These singing bowls are also available in sets with all tones of the scale.

3. Planetary singing bowls

Planetary singing bowls have the same frequency as the respective celestial body. The frequency of the bowl is determined by measuring. Since each planet vibrates in a certain frequency, the bowls can be easily assigned to the matching planet via the tone. Examples: A Mars singing bowl always has the frequency 144.72 Hz and always has a vitalising effect. The tone of the Neptune singing bowl with the frequency 211.44 Hz promotes intuition, while the Sun bowl with 126.22 Hz strengthens self-confidence and gives life energy.

4. Foot singing bowls

You can stand into these large XXL bowls with your feet - hence the name "foot singing bowl". They are often used in addition to sound massage or sound bowl therapy. As the feet are placed directly in the bowl, the vibrations can act via the foot reflex zones and address the respective organs. The large singing bowls thus offer an excellent foot reflexology massage.