Water Singing Bowls, Water Bouncing Bowls

Water singing bowls

Hearing, feeling and seeing sound with the water singing bowl - making the bowl sing and the water dance. Perceive sound holistically with water singing bowls. Usually sound can be heard, sometimes felt, but not seen. Water singing bowls enable the holistic perception of sound: with the ear, the body and the eye. This is because the bowls not only emit vibrating overtones, but also make the water dance. They are therefore also called water bouncing bowls. Because of their holistic effect, they are often used in areas where it is important to experience the senses, such as in kindergartens, schools, therapeutic facilities and sensory gardens. But also as musical instruments water singing bowls were discovered and enrich the musical experience with their interesting sounds.

Where water singing bowls come from

Water singing bowls originated in China. They are a mixture of Asian singing bowl and bell. The Asian models are often decorated on the bottom of the basin with dragons, which are considered lucky charms there. In the meantime, there are also manufacturers of these bowls in Germany who have developed them further and make them from real bell bronze. These water singing bowls "Made in Germany" can be found in many sizes, besides the smaller models from China. If desired, you can also order a bar as an anti-theft device.

How does a water chime bowl work?

With the water singing bowl, the sound is produced by rubbing instead of hitting. Bronze is able to make the sound waves of the sound visible on the water: Impressive patterns and structures form on the surface. After a short time, the sound vibrations become so strong that the water droplets start to move and begin to jump up into the air like small fountains. The lowest tone makes the water jump most intensively. A water feature that makes sound visible.

Create water fountains with sound

To sound you bring water singing bowls by moistening his hands and rubbing with it on the polished handles - the more palm rests, the better the result. Before doing this, the bowl must be filled with water. With a little practice, a sound spectrum of overtones is produced, which, depending on the type of friction, can range from a low fundamental to very high notes. Depending on the size of the bowl, these sounds can still be heard hundreds of meters away

What water singing bowls are there?

The water singing bowls are available in different sizes and weights. The smallest version with about 2 kg is more suitable for getting acquainted with the water jumping principle, while the large singing bowl with about 50 kg weight impresses with its far-reaching sound in addition to a phenomenal water play. It often finds its place in public spaces and is a real magnet for visitors, as everyone would like to make the bowl sound and the water dance!

Here you can see water singing bowls:

publicly to see and to try out there are water singing bowls e.g. in the visitor center at the Großglockner in Austria, in the Vortex garden in Darmstadt on the Mathildenhöhe, on the North Sea island Juist and in the water museum in Bad Liebenzell in the northern Black Forest (www.wassermuseum-liebenzell.de).