Singing bowls

Singing bowls

While singing bowls have been known and used in Asia for centuries, they have only become more and more common in the West in the last 20 years. The realization that the bowls have a positive effect on body, mind and soul has contributed greatly to this.

  • Origin and production of the singing bowls
  • Positive effects of sound and sound therapy
  • Use in wellness and schools
  • For Yoga & Meditation and as an alarm clock
  • Energetic room cleaning and art object
  • Important accessories: singing bowl pillows & mallets
  • Real sound vs. digital sound
  • Buy singing bowls

Origin and production of the singing bowls

The metal bowls have their origin in Asia. There they have always been used in monasteries for meditation and inner contemplation. Their positive effects were also important for sound healing. Especially in Nepal, India and Japan, the production has been concentrated and refined. In Nepal and India the bowls are still beaten and decorated by hand. In Japan the production was perfected and until today the world's highest quality singing bowls are produced there. The Japanese singing bowls are turned from a whole piece of metal and resonate for a very long time. The composition of the metal is a well-kept secret. Due to the precise manufacturing all bowls of one type always sound the same, while handmade bowls from Nepal or India always differ slightly in sound due to the manufacturing process.

Singing bowls from Japan have higher prices than those from a developing country like Nepal due to their perfection and higher labor costs.

Positive effects of sound and singing bowl therapy

The sound is generally perceived as very pleasant. This is mainly due to its richness in overtones, which is inherent in every naturally produced sound. Overtones relax and harmonize the two halves of the brain. This leads to a deep inner peace. This also explains why singing bowls are used so successfully in sound massage or meditation. Even shamans used overtones for healing.

Another positive effect is used in the singing bowl therapy: Singing bowls can release blockades in the body with the vibrations they generate. This is the basis of the sound therapy. For this purpose there are special therapy singing bowls, which were developed by the singing bowl pioneer Peter Hess. They are placed on the body and struck. Since the human body consists largely of water, the vibrations of the bowl can spread throughout the body and release tension.

A well-known therapy bowl is, for example, the joint or universal bowl, which is ideal for beginners and is preferably used on the body joints during therapy. Sound therapy or sound massage has proven to be especially helpful, e.g. for stress, sleep disorders and tension.

Use in wellness and schools

Every good wellness and spa hotel today works with singing bowls. Especially since they are also very decorative and their very sight evokes associations with wellness and relaxation. With them sound massages at the body are accomplished there or struck accompanying to relaxation during the Beautybehandlung. Even the sauna area profits from singing bowls. Here, special sound applications promote sweating.

Singing bowls are also very popular with teachers and educators. Their sound immediately attracts the children's attention and quickly ensures peace and quiet in the room. Meanwhile they belong firmly in the educational equipment of elementary school and kindergartens.

Singing bowls for Yoga & Meditation and as alarm clock

They are also an integral part of the yoga and meditation practice. Already the monks of the monasteries of Tibet or Asia in general used the bowls for this purpose. Usually singing bowls are struck at the beginning or end of the meditation.

What is new is to be awakened by the gong of a real singing bowl. This kind of gentle awakening is offered by the singing bowl clock of Dayasa. Here a clapper strikes the singing bowl at the set time. In addition to the alarm function it offers a countdown and interval function, which makes it ideal for meditation practice or to accompany meetings.

Energetic room cleaning and art object

The sound of the bowls can clean rooms energetically. To do this, you strike the singing bowl while walking slowly through the room. The sound vibrations displace the predominant negative or burdening energies and provide fresh, new energy in the room and body. This type of room cleaning has been known and used in Feng Shui since time immemorial.

Not to forget the value of the singing bowl as an art object. Often artfully decorated or even quite simple and noble, it is a beautiful decoration. Well-known designers like Donna Karan offer Tibetan singing bowls for example in their modern home collection.

Indispensable accessories: singing bowl cushions & mallets

The singing bowl cannot sound without a mallet. The sound of a bowl depends largely on the mallet used. There are wooden and leather wrapped mallets or felt mallets. Depending on the use the bowl sounds hard or soft. Of course the size of the mallet should match the size of the bowl. The larger the bowl, the larger the mallet should be.
Cushions are not only a decorative base for the singing bowl. They also make it sound better than on a solid surface. They are available in different sizes, thicknesses and colors. For the big singing bowls thick cushions are recommended, which are filled with cotton and kapok. The small bowls can also be used with a small diameter flat pad filled with foam. Cushions for singing bowls are also very suitable for bringing the singing bowls to a different height during a sound massage and for adjusting them to the body.

Finally it can be helpful to fix the singing bowl by a felt or rubber ring. It ensures that the bowl does not slip when struck.

Real sound more effective than digital sound

The described positive effect of the singing bowls can only unfold fully if the sound is not changed technically. This is the case, for example, when the gong is digitized for a cell phone app. Depending on the recording and playback device, the frequency spectrum of the sound is strongly changed and often massively reduced. Superficially you hear a singing bowl, but the depth effect is not given.

It is certain that the harmonically connected frequencies of the singing bowl can only develop their full effect unchanged. Against this background the real sound of a singing bowl is always preferable to a digital recording if one wants to use the positive effects.

However, if you are price conscious and do not attach particular importance to the full sound spectrum, you can calmly fall back on singing bowl music CDs or practical meditation timers such as the popular Enso Pearl. These products offer very lifelike gongs of a singing bowl.

Buy singing bowls

It is not easy to find the right singing bowl for you from the wide range of offers. In addition to Tibetan, Japanese and Indian singing bowls, there are other categories such as planetary bowls, chakra bowls and therapy singing bowls. Apart from the many different sizes that are offered.

purchase criteria:

  • It is advisable to first consider the intended use. A different bowl is recommended for school than for sound massage.
  • Another decision criterion is the price range that comes into question.
  • Should it rather be a decorated, decorative bowl or is the sound decisive?
  • It may also be helpful to start by reading a book about singing bowls.

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