Protective Covers for Singing Bowls

Protective Covers for Singing Bowls

Sometimes you want to take your singing bowl with you and enjoy it on holiday or use it in a class. To prevent the bowl from breaking or the surface from being scratched, the beautiful singing bowls should be well protected and safely transported. Ideal protection is offered by our soft fleece covers, which are available for all singing bowls up to a diameter of 30 cm. For example, the valuable Peter Hess therapy singing bowls can easily be taken to a course or treatment. For example, the bowls can be safely stacked inside each other without bumping against each other.

In addition to protecting the bowls, the soft covers offer two further advantages:

1. Cover as a singing bowl cushion

After transport, the fleece covers can be used as a pad for the singing bowls. Simply unpack the bowl and place it on the cover. The protective cover always has the right diameter and saves the separate singing bowl cushion.

2. Padding for the singing bowl massage

In the singing bowl massage the singing bowls often need a little compensation to stand securely on the body. Here the soft, cuddly protective fleece covers can provide valuable support and stabilise the bowl on the body.

Our protective covers are lovingly handmade in Germany, are available in a beautiful wine red and classic black and are of course washable.