Cymbals & Bells

Cymbals and bells have a long tradition in religious rituals, but also in music. Its high metallic sound lingers for a long time and is rich in harmonic, relaxing overtones. Formerly used in Asia, they have also found their spread and appreciation in the West. They are easy to play and are often used in meditation and sound massage.

Background information Zimbeln

The term "cymbal" comes from the Greek, there called kymbalon. It is the term for small bells or flat, slightly curved metal plates that are knocked together and produce relatively high sounds. Cymbals are already mentioned as musical instruments in the Bible. They have their origin in Asia, where they are still used in temple ceremonies.

Manufacture and symbols

The cymbals and bells are usually cast, rarely made of one piece of metal. The decorations, which can be found on some hand cymbals, are incorporated in the moulds. Particularly popular are depictions that bring luck, such as dragons of fortune or the Buddhist symbols of fortune. In addition, well-known mantras are put gladly decoratively into scene. According to the Tibetans, the effect of the symbols should be enhanced by the sound.

Playing the cymbals

Two small metal basins are connected by a centrally located leather strap. While playing, hold this band and let the two small metal basins collide at the edges by leading them past each other from top to bottom. This produces a high, metallic sound that promotes concentration and attention.

Applications for hand cymbals and bells

Its high, rich in overtones sound is often used at the end of a meditation or relaxing sound massage, as it easily draws attention back to the present. In Asia cymbals are often used as musical instruments, e.g. as rhythm givers or to accompany the Indian Bhajans. The sound of cymbals and bells is a very typical part of Chinese music.

Cymbal and bell models

The following cymbals with and without decorations can be found here:

  1. with dragon motive
  2. with symbols of luck
  3. with Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum
  4. zen cymbals by Peter Hess in 3 sizes
  5. tibetan cymbals with gift box

You will find the following bells here:

  1. ritual bell with dorje

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