Gongs, Gong accessoires, Cymbals, Kalimbas and more

Gongs enjoy great popularity and spread their sound with force, unlike singing bowls. You will find gongs in many designs and sizes as well as matching accessories such as gong stands and mallets. Easy to play and ideal for meditation or sound massage are also cymbals, bells, kalimbas as well as monochords, shruti boxes and the tongue drum.


Gongs originate from Asia and have their place in yoga and meditation practice, but also in music. In the meantime, their therapeutic possibilities have also been rediscovered. Gongs are very rich in overtones and thus have a vibrating, almost spherical sound character. The powerful and complex sound spreads best in large rooms.

Gong accessories

For a gong you need a suitable mallet and a gong stand. With this, the gong hangs stably and can be struck comfortably. It is also mobile and you can place it where you need it. At the same time, our gong stands also look decorative and you can showcase your gong perfectly.

Cymbals & Bells

Cymbals with their delicate, overtone-rich sounds are used in sound massage or at the end of a meditation. They are often very decorative and richly ornamented, e.g. with lucky symbols or Om signs. Bells are ancient ritual objects from Asian meditation practice that also have their place in meditation.

Kalimbas & Sansula

These handmade wooden instruments can be played without any previous musical knowledge. Due to their pentatonic tuning, the reeds played fit together quasi automatically, no matter in which order they are played. This means that even beginners and children can immediately produce beautiful tones and melodies and enjoy making music from the very beginning.


These ancient sound instruments weave a relaxing, spherical overtone sound tapestry and envelop you in it. The monochord is a very easy-to-play musical instrument that has its place in sound massage and sound therapy. When one string is plucked or bowed, all the others resonate.

Shruti boxes

This ancient Indian musical instrument is easy to play and with its full, sustaining sound is ideal for accompanying mantra chanting. It is handmade and available in different sizes. The small travel version, for example, is easy to hold while dancing and can easily be taken along.

Tongue drum

The Tongue Drum is also known as tongue drum, hand drum or dance drum and is an easy to play percussion instrument. Due to the ease of playing and their melodic sound, tongue drums have a balancing and relaxing effect - both for the musician and the listeners.