Special Statues

Special Statues

With us you will find not only traditional statues with religious-spiritual reference, but also unusual themes and representations, such as frog or cat in meditation, the Japanese lucky charm Jizu or jewelry elephants from India. These figurs are a nice decoration for the meditation place, the garden, the office, but also a great gift idea for all who like the special with a spirit touch.

Meditating animals

The sturdy and original frog in meditation is very popular as a garden decoration. He is a beautiful eye-catcher in the outdoor area, which always brings some peace to the situation. This also applies, for example, to the meditating cat, which delights not only cat lovers and also makes a good gift. Meditating animals provide fast and uncomplicated with a wink for a relaxed ambience.

Luck charms like Jizu figurines

Some luck you can always use. With the Jizu figure, which is very well known in Japan as a lucky charm, you can help the luck a little. It is available in 2 colors and 2 sizes. She radiates with her smile a lot of confidence and friendliness, so that you like to have her around. Whether as a gift idea for a loved one or as a fancy home accessory - the lucky charm Jizu is one of the most popular of our figures.

The exoticism of Asia

Beautiful decoration in Asian style are, for example, Indian elephants. In India, they are traditionally decorated and used for many purposes, such as for work, formerly for war, but also as palanquin carriers for the Maharajah. Elephants also symbolize strength and security and their presence can convey these feelings. Who wants to bring into his home some Asian spirit, is right with the Indian elephants.