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Statues: Buddha & Co.

Statues of gods, angels or spiritual figures are a wonderful support for meditation. Through their appearance, they create the right devotional ambience in the blink of an eye and help to immerse yourself. Best known are Buddha figures, which have become a symbol of relaxation and meditation. But also the Indian god of success Ganesha, the goddess Lakshmi, as well as the gods Kuan Yin, Tara and Shiva are very popular as statues. 

Relaxation, inspiration and mindfulness with statues

All these statues are also popular for decoration for the wellness area, spa, yoga room, meditation corner or simply for the spirit touch at home. For many people, the gods revive the last trip to India or they are an inspiration for the next Asian vacation. The figures are also always a reminder to be more mindful of yourself or your happiness. Because often everyday life leaves us no time for it.