Suction disc with wooden handle by Peter Hess

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Free-Sounding Singing Bowls guided on the Body

The suction discs of Peter Hess "Helper Series" are wonderful tools to guide singing bowls freely sounding on the body.

The perfectly shaped solid wood handle made of domestic beech is firmly screwed to a high-quality suction disc. The suction is centered at the bottom of the singing bowl. To achieve optimum suction power, the singing bowl should be dust-free and the suction disc previously moistened.

Available in three versions:

  • Small:
    Ø Suction disc 5.5 cm, handle length 10 cm
    Weight: 54 g
    Suction force up to 5 kg vertically
  • Medium:
    Ø Suction disc 8 cm, handle length 18.8 cm
    Weight: 126 g
    Suction force up to 15 kg vertical
  • Large:
    Ø Suction disc 8 cm, handle length 22.5 cm
    Weight: 194 g
    Suction force up to 15 kg vertical


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