Tantra Set / Shiva Shakti Set

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Unification of male and female forces

In this set unite the male and female forces of Mars and Venus. As an archetype, they symbolize our animus and anima, which are opposing forces striving for (inner) union. The energy of this singing bowl set promotes harmony and devotion and is ideal for couples meditations.

The set consists of 7 singing bowls and is built on the planetary tones Mars (D) and Venus (A) as the so-called keynote. These two tones harmonize wonderfully with each other (fifth - fourth), so that the singing bowl set is also musically a pleasure! 

The Tantra Set consists of the following singing bowls:

Singing bowlSound sample
All singing bowls together
Tone D, 72.4 Hz, Mars
approx. 2.9 kg, Ø 32 cm
Sound A, 110.6 Hz, Venus
approximately 2.4 kg, Ø 29 cm
Tone D, 144.7 Hz, Mars
approximately 2.4 kg, Ø 28 cm
Tone A, 221.2 Hz, Venus
approx. 0.75 kg, Ø 17 cm
Tone D, 289.4 Hz, Mars
approx. 0.9 kg, Ø 16 cm
Tone A, 442.5 Hz, Venus
approx. 0.5 kg, Ø 13 cm
Tone D, 578.9 Hz, Mars
approx. 0.29 kg, Ø 9.5 cm

This is what distinguishes the Tantra set:

  • 7 measured singing bowls with planetary tones Mars and Venus.
  • Very harmonious sound experience.
  • Measured and assembled by an experienced musician.
  • Ideal for sound massage, couple meditation and as a musical instrument

The singing bowl set is right for you if you

  • Targeted male and female energies want to unite.
  • Offer sound massages or couple meditations.
  • as a musician want to use high-quality scale singing bowls

The bowls of our sets are tonally perfectly matched. For this purpose, the main frequency in which each individual bowl vibrates was determined by an experienced musician. The composition of the singing bowls in the sets requires a lot of know-how and a large selection of high-quality bowls for an optimal and harmonious sound experience.


Shipping weight: 10,00 kg
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