Water singing bowl / Water juming bowl 44 cm

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Make the water dance and the singing bowl sing and jump

This Chinese water singing bowl has its origins way back in the Han Dynasty. It is cast in bronze and, when struck correctly, can produce resonant waves and splashes that impress not only as a physical phänomen.

  1. Place the singing bowl on a solid surface and fill it to the top half with water.
  2. Moisten your hands and now begin to rub the two handles.
  3. It creates waves on the water surface, which can splash up to 50 cm high depending on technique and skill. At the same time pleasant sounds arise, which are generated by vibration.

Weight: ca. 2.3 kg
Diameter: ca. 44 cm
Color: The patina of the water sound bowls can be greenish (as shown in the picture) or bluish in color, depending on the batch.

Tip: Playing the bowls requires some practice and often does not succeed the first time. It is important to moisten the hands with water and to develop a feeling for the right pressure on the rubbing surfaces. Once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy.
See for yourself and watch the following Youtube video explaining how to use the water sound bowl.

The following video is only to illustrate the principle of operation of a water sound bowl. The bowl used there is considerably larger and therefore the effects shown may differ from the bowl offered here.


Notes on the use of the water sound bowl

To make the bowl vibrate and sound and the water bubble, there must be FRICTION between your hands and the two handles.

1.) Clean the handles, preferably with alcohol or with detergent. There must be no grease residue on the handles.

2.) Your hands must also be free of grease (no hand cream!). Wash your hands with soap, the hands must also be free of grease (no hand cream!)

3.) Fill water sound bowl about halfway with water

4.) Moisten your palms a little with the water from the bowl

5.) Now rub the handles back and forth with the palms of your hands. Vary the pressure until the water begins to bubble.

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