The fabulous World of Japanese Incense

japanese incense sticks

It is said that Japanese incense sticks are the best in the world! Their high quality ingredients, refined production over the centuries and wide distribution speak for themselves. Previously used only in Japan in elaborate incense ceremonies, they have long enjoyed worldwide popularity. The Japanese incense manufacturer Nippon Kodo is the largest manufacturer of this incense and has more than 400 years of experience in creating the fragrance sticks consisting of purely natural ingredients.

The most popular Japanese incense sticks

The Morning Star series, with its nearly 20 different scents, is one of the most popular Japanese incense sticks. Vanilla, rose, lavender, musk and many other scents offer the right fragrance for everyone. The affordable price invites you to try several fragrance packs at once. A small holder for the incense sticks is directly supplied with this fragrance line. Among the bestsellers is also the series Herb & Earth with particularly long incense sticks. Here, too, there are many scents to choose from, making the choice torture: orange, incense, lavender and and. Of all the fragrances, incense is particularly sought after. He spreads a particularly meditative feel-good atmosphere.

Extravagant fragrances

Among the wide selection of Japanese incense sticks are incomparable fragrance compositions that surprise. Even their exotic or mysterious names make you curious about their fragrance.

Incense stick tasting sets with to get to know

Tasting sets offer a wonderful opportunity to get to know new fragrances. If you are not yet a big fan of Japanese incense, you can quickly change that. For example, the Elemense sample set contains all 5 scents of this series: Earth, Fire, Air, Space and Water. The Herb & Earth set contains all 12 scents and the Morning Star set even contains a whole 17 scents with 50 sticks each. A very special highlight is the Kayuragi set with 14 fragrances - the sticks come in a beautiful wooden box, whose attractive packaging is inspired by the patterns of Japanese kimono fabrics.

Inexpensive stock packs

Whoever has found his fragrance, can stock up with it cheaply. The Big Boxes offer 250, 400 and more incense sticks in a box. Stock packs are available for many scents: for example, cherry blossom scent with Taiyo Sakura, fine spicy aloe and sandalwood scent with Kyara Eiju or sensual scent with cinnamon, coriander, cloves and vanilla with Seiun Kyara Gold. The design of the Big Boxes is mostly in the typical reduced Japanese style and can also be given away very nicely.

Give away Japanese incense

The beautifully designed gift sets provide the perfect setting for the high-quality incense sticks from Japan. Their design is typically Japanese simple and noble and makes anticipation of their fragrance. Especially popular are the two gift sets of the series Ka Fuh. In each case 4 fragrances of this series with 120 sticks are beautifully presented in a wooden box with Japanese characters or a beautiful gift box.

Scents according to the seasons

Every season has its own special energy. Spring brings freshness and purity. Fragrances of this season are ideal for times of new beginnings. Summer calls for refreshing scents, e.g. with the element of water. Autumn is the time of harvest, when earthy scents bring relaxation. Spicy and warm fragrances are perfect for the calm and joyful winter time. There are wonderful Japanese incense sticks for every season.