Wellness with Gemstones

Gemstones are ideal for relaxation and wellness at home or on the road. It's easier than you think. You do not need large stones for this, but only a few gemstone cushions or eye stones from Lapis Vitalis. Just put them on your eyes and you can already feel the dreamlike wellness effect of the gemstones. And always when you want, because the stones fit in every pocket.

Hildegard von Bingen and the healing effects of gemstones

Hildegard von Bingen already knew about the effect of gemstones on health and used them successfully to alleviate many ailments. According to her stone medicine, gemstones not only reach the body, but also the mind and soul, thus enabling a holistic recovery. Many of the 24 healing stones she describes in her healing stone lexicon, e.g. amethyst or rock crystal, are available today as eye pillows or stones.

Soothing and relaxing for the eyes

Our eyes are exposed to heavy strain every day through computer work, small mobile phone writing or dry room air. They are happy about some relaxation and reassurance through the energy of the gemstones. Simply place the gemstone eye pillows or eye stones on your eyes and the stones can develop their effect and support relaxation. Find the right gemstone for your purpose!

Wellness with gemstones

So that the gems lie gently on the face, they are mixed with organic amaranth grains (approx. 20 gems and 80% amaranth) and sewn into silk cushion covers. This mixture allows the pillow to adapt perfectly to the contours of the face and provides a pleasant, pressure-free feeling. The eye stones are smooth on the surface and lie comfortably in the eye sockets.

Chakra Gemstones

Each of the 7 human chakras has a specific colour and function. For example, the heart chakra stands for love and empathy and is green, the root chakra for basic trust and is red. The gemstone sets contain stones in the chakra colours and are ideal for wellness treatments in which the chakras are to be included and harmonised.

Gemstone pillows - relaxation with precious stones

Not only the eyes benefit from the power of the gemstones, but the whole body - with the special gemstone cushions

  • The green silk pillow Mother Earth with emerald and chrysoprase is for example ideal after a hard day to promote regeneration. Placed on the liver, our important metabolic organ is supported. This product is currently not available.
  • The red cushion Amor with rose quartz and Thulit helps to open up for love and feelings.
  • The pillow Moontime with amethyst gives peace and a good sleep.

Many years of experience of Lapis Vitalis with wellness with gemstones

The wellness concept with gemstones is the result of years of cooperation with developers and users. Many professionals use the stones of Lapis Vitalis for wellness treatments and e.g. strengthen the positive effect of a massage with the energy of a gemstone. We have been selling these cushions and eye stones for many years and can recommend them with a clear conscience, also as a nice gift idea.