Windsinger chime by Woodstock

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Irresistible sound and supreme elegance

Windsinger create "combination tones": where two or more musical tones interact, the listener hears other tones that mathematically match these tones. The more perfectly the original tones are tuned to each other, the more harmonious and pleasant these "combination tones" are too.

Why Windsingers sound so special:

  • Especially thick tubes 
  • Tuned with perfection
  • Friction-free suspension of the tubes.
  • Precise placement of all parts
Windsingers are created to give a lifetime of pleasure. Enjoy the sound of the Windsingers whether in the house or in the garden.

Thanks to the special coating on the aluminium tubes, the sound chime has an even longer resonance than other wind chimes.

Sound pattern:

'Chimes of Athena', 111.8 cm:

'Chimes of Orpheus', 137.2 cm:

'Chimes of Apollo', 188 cm:

This is what distinguishes Woodstock chimes:

  • The chimes go through a precision tuning process.
  • They are designed by the well-known US musician Garry Kvistad
  • The incomparably dynamic sound is reflected in a wide range of tone chimes
  • They are weatherproof and therefore suitable for outdoor use
  • Woodstock chimes and gongs are handmade
  • The materials used meet the highest quality standards


Since the wind chime does not contain any wood, it is particularly easy to care for, even outdoors. To ensure that you enjoy your wind chime for years to come, please observe the following care tips:
  • Weather-related deposits on the tubes can be washed off with a mild soap and water. Please do not use any abrasive cleaning agent.

Product data:

Total length: 111.8 cm / 137.2 cm / 188.0 cm
Consists of 6 black sound tubes

The total length refers to the length from the suspension to the lower edge of the wind catcher.


Shipping weight: 2,50 kg
Origin: USA
Material: Aluminium
Note on Delivery: * Applies to deliveries to Germany. For delivery times for other countries and information on calculating the delivery date, see here.

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